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Monday, March 12, 2018

ETHEERA - Decentralized Global Real Estate Platform Really Decentralized, Based on Block Ethereal

Salam community, on this blog I would like to introduce about the Etheera project, a post that when interesting and good, for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Real Estate For Blockchain Portal And All In One Software Solution - Etheera Switzerland is a Switzerland based real estate company since 2013. As an industry insurance company with expertise, market knowledge and exchanges of diverse information exchange with business partners, owners, landlords and potential buyers, we have recognized the problems and less optimal processes that are already existing at the national level without imagining the same but much wider problem at the international level! With Etheera, we have found the ALL IN ONE solution.

Etheera offers a truly decentralized decentralized global real estate platform, based on the Ethereal Block, which provides properties for purchase, rental and bed & breakfast offerings. This platform is ideal for everyone and everyone, even if you as a private person want to provide a room for one night or more, or whether you are looking for another. Etheera also thinks of real estate brokers and industry professionals and offers complete software that has the possibility of being integrated and suited to all needs. Enough ALL IN ONE solution for everyone!

Human technology is so advanced that we are surprised by what we have realized after doing the research, analysis, testing and the results of existing solutions that the market today offers. Companies work mostly with locally given solutions that seem to be very limited in scope and can not handle mandatory processes or in other words, some functions as their own solutions. Daily business tasks are still done manually, but should automatically avoid handmade mistakes and allow employees to focus on other processes to be more efficient in the same time period. ETHEERA EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Future of Real Estate and the Economy

Over the last few decades, there has been a lot of changes in life and lifestyle, which implies that we are moving farther and farther today, in the same time period than ever before. We no longer live in our parents' house until we retire and enjoy the rest of our lives there.

People are now much more active and courageous in all decisions than ever before. According to that fact, more trips are made to distant places and to other countries, and as is often the case today, we really love the new culture and want to live there or at least buy or rent a place to live there. area. We all know that feeling. All of these quick moves have changed a lot, until now, it's perfectly normal for someone to live in Zurich, but take a plane to London or somewhere else to work. Incredible but true

We replace apartments with rental rates much more often than before, and owners of building and family homes are increasingly experiencing, so many requests of potential buyers come from abroad, which means there is a lot of professionalism demanded from real estate agents. Extensive international network connections and global publications are indispensable and are the basis for quality service and customer satisfaction.

There will be many innovations we do not realize, from planning and execution of construction, building materials and architectural technology to building and marketing. The surface of the earth and the human population will force us to build things that are different from what we do now and the material involved in this will be sent from anywhere in the world. Global communication, networking and collaboration will become more and more important for the real estate economy.

To implement Etheera's vision, we launched an initial coin offering (ICO) to issue the Etheera token in the public Ethereum block. A token named Etheera (ETA) will be published on ICO Timeline.

  1. For expensive portal fees. From the general picture, the company forces the agent to become more limited and he no longer publishes the goods again.
  2. The result of the first point above, there are many matching opportunities lost between interested sellers and buyers.
  3. Unsecured or non-leased property automatically extends the vacant position and generates a highly missed income that kills the business.
  4. Networks and bad relationships between national brokers. Along with the international level, this is very bad. Although very often, buyers from other countries and not familiar with the local language. This resulted in low levels of service and loss of mandate.
  5. Brokers are very important, because many parts and processes such as approximate property prices, visits, relationships with banks and many more are mandatory and can not be done by robots. The broker must be ready to operate efficiently.
  6. Currently, software and work tools for brokers offer too little, or it takes a lot of personal tools that need to be incorporated in everyday processes. Most of the tools are too expensive and inefficient, confusing and unsatisfactory and this results in many mistakes on the human side.
  7. We lose all international tools in one tool for an agent that covers all needs in one screen or program from A to Z!
  8. The same is true for searchers and searchers of goods to buy, rent, or for bed & breakfast transactions.
For more research on smart etheera contract at this time, please visit the following important sites:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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