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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

EQUITYBASE - Commercial Real Estate Ecosystem For Credit Rating Project Rating

Hello everyone here I will describe about equitybase project, and here is the discussion:

Real Estate is always regarded as the best way to preserve wealth and hedge against stock market fluctuations. because it will keep us and give us peace of mind by investing. While for now, real estate investments have significant inefficiencies and liquidity problems. Equitybase uses smart contract blockchain technology in fiat currency. it will be the growth and growth of the economy and technology to keep the assets it owns. Therefore, there appears to be a container to collect our existing assets, especially if they have used Blockchain technology.

for Global Real Estate development where quotes on the equitybase website accounted for 60% of all major assets worldwide and were worth more than $ 250 trillion. Here Equitybase enables a fully real estate yield approach with high returns using our blockchain hybrid market ecosystem. Therefore, because of the high value of existing assets in the development of Real Estate Global Equitybase will provide a very useful service for us all.

Equitybase is a commercial real estate ecosystem for project appraisal, credit ratings, liquidity events entirely on blockchain. Equitybase allows developers and fund managers to offer asset-based investment opportunities directly to investors worldwide. Therefore, there are issues that have been listed by equitybase that is private market liquidity, accessibility financing, credit costs, high management costs and so on others are very complicated jobs to solve. and hopefully this work quickly resolved as soon as possible by using new technology.

And in the development of this project there are some things we need to know will be difficult to be invested by using the traditional myth here where its development is a hybrid of the equitybase investment platform market will be a solution for all parties who want to invest in the world, everyone can invest in it not necessarily rich with millions of capital because it is developed with minimum investment that is affordable for anyone who wants it.

In the Equitybase hybrid market platform itself, users will be able to invest for the economic rights of a property, shown by any real estate offer (REO) within the Equity Investigation Equity platform that will be supported by physical real estate assets. Investors can also trade, liquidate Real Estate Ownership on the Equity Exchange platform. Equitybase can combine the liquidity of the public market with a higher rate of return in the private market

The solution uses Blockchain's smart technology. As a result, we find a new way.

Token BASE is a digital representation of Equitybase platform participation as a nice CryptoExchange token-BASE is a new blockchain-based system. The unlimited investment approach, providing liquidity guarantees on the platform, expands Token adoption by offering zero-based exchange charges. Token BASE will be traded outside the Equitybase platform because they are the ERC20 Token so it has intrinsic value as an exchange. Users can also take advantage of BASE tokens as free investment incentives.

To participate in this project, the ICO plan will take place on 28 February 2018 with the following bonus formats:

  • 40% - Pre-ICO FEB 28 - MAR 13
  • 30% - Week 1 - MAR 14 - MAR 20
  • 25% - Week 2 - MAR 21 - MAR 27
  • 20% - Week 3 - MAR 28 - APR 3
  • 15% - Week 4 - APR 4 - APR 10
  • 10% - Week 5 - APR 11 - APR 16
  • 5% - Week 6 - April 17 - April 23
  • 0% - Week 7 - 24 APRIL - 30 APR
To get more information, please visit some of our website:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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