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Saturday, March 17, 2018

ENLTE - Decentralized Decentralized Documented Systems

Greetings community,

The Internet has become a puissant and has been accepted by more and more percentages of people. The Internet has brought people together and links it with the ecumenical. However, we as physical beings are connected to the world around us. A world that can be physically connected and available physically. The internet has linked us almost but we still lack physical alertness. Thus we are not wary of our circumvention and can not participate in making it bigger.

However, the internet has given us millions of usage cases but we still have an internet friendly system to receive alerts and updates of nearby events that are based on positive or negative. Millions of pending cases on court and there is no way to resolve it. A centralized organization or regime faces several issues while addressing millions of cases or requests from people to resolve their confusion.

The process is slow, not decentralized and involves a lot of complexity and energy. In addition, it is not possible to report something anonymously and 99% of people do not want to exploit their identity when reporting something.

To solve the above problem and make the system better for the user is the reason of making the website: http://web.enlte.com/

The Enlte Platform is a decentralized decentralized documented system for solving authentic quandaries problems without going through centralized or organizational regimes. The predicated location of a friends machine that gave birth to a world phenomenon that can be adapted to the network capabilities faster and better.

The Enlte platform solves real-life problems in our digital society today. This platform uses powerful utility coins called Enlte coins that a user can have as an investment. The Enlte Platform aims to empower individuals by giving them the power to assess any experience that exploits their true identity or assess anonymously and then broadcast it to their closest network by sending authentic time updates and geo-stamping along with experience geofencing.

Negative experiences are broadcasted authentically to the nearest node, giving them the opportunity to earn Enlte Coins by utilizing, spreading alertness and standing against it. The ultimate goal is to empower each individual by creating a power platform where users can upload pictures, videos, ask questions to alert and generate strong awareness in their respective areas.

Please click on the link below to read more about Enlte project concept through whitepaper company: http://web.enlte.com/Whitepaper_v0.2.pdf

The Company plans to release 250,000,000 Enlte coins during presale to the general investment community. Thus all investors interested in coins can access it through the company website: http://web.enlte.com/. Presale is scheduled to take off in February, 2018 and ends on the 29th of the same month. The main ICO date has not been announced. The token price is set at $ 0.016 per token with a 100% bonus. Investors can purchase Enlte tokens using Bitcoin and ethereum through the following link: http://web.enlte.com/investment.php

Enlte is not an ERC20 token but has an application wallet on Android that you can download in google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mpas.enlte&hl=en


The Company has allocated and distributed the token in the following ways:
  1. General General: 50%
  2. Enlte Reserved: 20%
  3. Community Enlte: 6%
  4. Enlte Team: 20%
  5. Marketing and Law: 4%
Funds from presale will be spent in the following ways:
  1. Managing Android Apps: 15%
  2. Marketing and Development: 10%
  3. Legal: 5%
  4. Construction of 10s AND WEB APP: 20%
  5. Web Search Optmisation (Increased Traffic): 15%
  6. In building Exchange Development: 10%
  7. Implementation Yolo: 10%
  8. Smart City: 10%
  9. Usability 10S And Android App: 5%
  10. Misc: 5%

For more information on the Enlte and ICO projects, please visit the following:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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