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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

ENLTE - Decentralization of Socionet Enlte As a Decentralized Socionet

Hello everyone on this blog I will introduce about the latest post enlte project that is very interesting for us peel deeper, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Enlte is the Decentralization of Socionet Enlte as a decentralized socionet helping to build relationships among communities and create better trust in network management. Social Internet is the future, an internet that can work beyond the first dimension and can give us better results, connectivity and trust. A social internet is a proposed term for internet computers with social characteristics. Socionet is a computer network with the characteristics of a small world network based on location and social communication. It's fast, better and has great networking capabilities.

A platform with network capabilities beyond the first dimension can change how the world operates. Enlte proposes and aims to create social internet by creating a network with real people behind the network and securing it with blockchain other than just a computer or ip address compared to traditional internet. A small world network based on location and socionet can connect us physically with each other. Small world networks are powerful because of their faster interconnectivity and participation from each and every node. The internet has billions of websites and it is very easy for you to gather any information through it but there is no security and assurance that the information provided is true or not.

The Internet lacks a lot of sense, such as trust and accurate information. Because you do not have any personal data or information about other users or networks. The Internet is the largest network platform that connects billions of people but not physically, to trust our Internet about something with the network we need to connect it to the social internet other than the traditional internet. Things that can be removed from the internet at any point but can not be removed from the socionet because once updated on the blockchain it can not be deleted. Socionet connects you personally, physically and is a real connection that can be felt by others.

Advantages of Enlte as a Decentralized Societe This is a location-based social platform It is a separate decryption-based system Small internet-based social internet location Propose a universal identity Artificial Intelligent Internal Reputation System Provides accurate information about each user. Few online crime opportunities and fraud Creating trust among the people Beneficial for society and for the government as well Socionet is a natural way that shows how we as a whole life. We know this world and the entire universe is dynamic and moving at different speeds irrespective of how small your feelings are when contrasted with the great universe, it really matters what we do as a human being and it makes a difference more than you can imagine and consequently your activities and deeds affect the world.

Socionet gives us the opportunity to do our activities in utilization and we do not have to bother with greater power to control us or do activities for us. Today, We have this wonderful innovation that will only succeed on the occasion that we as people understand our duty to take the necessary steps and together make the world more calm and full of illumination. Socionet is a virtual group or webpage profile, an informal community is a site that unites individuals to talk, share thoughts and interests, or make new friends while Enlte is a social internet that not only brings people together but also helps them and creates awareness of whatever happens worldwide This will greatly help the government as it will suppress online crime rates and fraud rates and will provide employment to the community.

Allocation of Token


June 02, 2014
It all starts with a problem and there is no solution. I was harassed and threatened and there was no way to find a solution. I think to make it. My car collapsed, the glass broke. I'm sure there must be a better way.

August 25, 2016
The launch of the first MVC, more than 40,000 complaints registered within 2 weeks by phone and website.

02 August 2017
Blockchain protocol successfully tested, further development to make it fast. Along with the first AR test.

1 Feb 2018
Launch ICO along with the launch of the app
1+ million users

April 1, 2018
1+ Million users, the KYC process begins

June 01, 2018
Inbuilt exchange launched with iOS & Web launch

June 15, 2018
Business & Social page opened for claims.

December 01, 2018
Helping millions of people by making their lives easy. Test with over 10+ cities to grow to 100 Million + Users.

July 01, 2019
Billions of lives change, helping billions of people, more than 100,000 heroes help the world. The crime rate and the level of consciousness increased 1000%. Approaching 1 Billion people.

For more information about current enlte smart contracts, please visit our web site:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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