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Saturday, March 10, 2018

BOUTSPRO - Turning Karate into Professional Karate And Also Sporting For The Future

Salam community, in this blog I will explain about boutspro, the latest project is very, very interesting to see that has a good concept, and for more details let's just go to the following penbahasannya:

The professional sports organization of the karate world BoutsPro launched its own crypto currency. BoutsPro will transform the ecosystem of about 190 million martial communities. He will turn amateur tournaments into professionals around the world according to the roadmap, designed for the next 4 years.

And the main purpose of crypto currency launch is to turn karate into professional karate, as well as sport for the future. Signs from BoutsPro will create ecosystems for different types of programs and financial activities.

Millions of people practice amateur karate. However, amateur karate is defined as a sport, and here the athletes must bear all the expenses associated with their practice and appearance. Then, as a karate professional has become a sport, and here, on the other hand, athletes have been rewarded for their performances in the tournament. Thanks to BoutsPro, ordinary athletes can turn into true professionals. Help from BoutsPro can be found by anyone, from beginners who are just learning professionals.

Today, karate is very popular. The number of communities in which teachers, students, practitioners, academics participate more than 190 million worldwide. To unite all participants in one system, a strong management system fund that generates revenue from various sources, such as tournament sponsorships, event sponsors, participant registration, advertising, and so forth. It is necessary to meet funding requirements related to health insurance, athlete's social security, staff salaries, fees for tournaments and events, as well as prize money and advertising.

Creep and block-chain technologies help solve problems related to payment and fund management industries. Blockchain technology will build trust management and simplify the currency, and therefore will enable to achieve transparency and efficiency at the technological level. It will be a system that will be able to manage the entire system, new technology, attract new companies, investors, sports sponsors of karate, who will benefit from mutual benefit.

Thanks to Blockchain technology, it is possible to optimize global infrastructure to solve global problems in this space more efficiently than to assess the system to date. A block chain is a public listing of all transactions that have ever been executed. The key is the "current" part of a block chain that records some or all of the subsequent transactions and, once completed, in the block chain as a permanent database. Once the block has finished, create a new block. Blocks are related to each other in a linear chronological order with each block.

Thus, Blockchain is similar to the history of complete banking operations. Transactions introduced chronologically in a flat block are similar to banking transactions, and the block itself resembles an individual bank statement. A full copy of blockchain has a record of every completed bitlock transaction. All this provides a complete picture of all operations performed at any time. The launch of ICO will begin on March 11, 2018 and end on March 25, 2018.

Token will be distributed as follows:
50% - ICO (Public Fund) 25% - Community (# available for karate community with ICO base price) 10% - Dev Fund (* blocked for 1 year at Smart Contract) 5% - Remuneration (award fund and support for players and trainer) 3% - Bounty campaign (generosity, generosity, transfer, distribution and takeoff) 2% - Adviser5% - Reserve fund (demand or future reserves)

Token system.
New registration fee: Karate athletes may enroll in the centralized BoutsPro portal after completing the main formalities through local representatives. They will receive all information, for example, assessment, upcoming events, tournaments, and training.

Annual renewal fees: Participant registration includes fees for participation in tournaments (1 year), support for education and training, online record keeping and rankings. Membership must be renewed annually.

CuppaSchoola Project: BoutsPro shares the principles of vBelieve Sports, "Educating the Future" by investing scholarships with young talent, filtered through several CuppaSchoola programs. Orientation towards 100,000 schools in the first phase of the CuppaSchoola program.

Tickets for Event & Tournament: Tickets for Event & Tournament will also be a major part of revenue. Tickets can be sold online using BoutsPro token.

Franchise / Team Sales: Along with the World Series, we also create a personal club (team). This team will participate in the Professional Karate World League. The team's franchise will be sold on the equity module.

Advertising: BoutsPro has developed various types of advertising categories, such as our online advertising portals and apps, advertising banners. Ad slots will be sold online through BoutsPro markers.

Sponsors: Like any other sport, sponsors will be attracted to various events.

Sports insurance: Insurance will be provided to all athletes.
BoutsPro.TV: BoutsPro.TV brings together all the entertainment industry faculty under one roof. This is made in collaboration with QuickMedia and Pozetta Broadcasters from the Czech Republic, which primarily facilitates the AKAMAI platform for live streaming of video streams and on demand videos. BoutsPro.TV plans to expand film and television production, as well as online distribution.

Games: Based on the theme of karate and world championships, this work discusses various types of video games. This is an online game development. The purpose of the game is to provide a healthy entertainment and teach the basics of karate to the layman, as well as the athlete. In different games, BoutsPro tokens must be present, and players can also change their points / rewards to BoutsPro tokens.

Film production: film plays an important role in popularizing karate around the world. Movies such as "The Karate Kid" and "Kung Fu Panda" have a great impact on the younger generation and encourage them to learn karate. "Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Michelle Yeo", "Kara Hui" and "Cynthia Rotrock" are among the movie stars who played a leading role in making Karate famous among ordinary people. Realizing the power of film, BoutsPro produces one world class film based on karate each year.

Dojo & Stadium: BoutsPro plans to create World Class Stadium / Dojos around the world. In the first stage, the process starts around 100 stadiums and dojo. Athletes will have the opportunity to practice with the best opponents and get guidance from legendary coaches and coaches.

BoutsPro Maps: We developed three different types of cards. This card will provide access to services (BoutsPro.TV, Games, Apps, Premium Pass for tournaments, etc.) For sports fans.

Global school BoutsPro: planned to create a global BoutsPro school for regular primary education in the most innovative way. This project should be implemented in cooperation with various governments in all continents of the world. This process has already begun in Serbia (Europe) and Indonesia (Asia).

Every sports specialist's dream touched a new peak and struggled to gain fame in their sport and thanks to BoutPro, this will be true!

For more information on the current boutspro smart contract, please visit some resources for the following References:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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