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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

BIOMETRIDS - Creation of Unmanipulated Static Identification Tool

Identity Network Biometrids
Biometrid provides the best solution for identity verification problem. We aim to create a stolen password, name, social security number, and more, something from the past. By utilizing facial recognition capabilities from smartphone devices, individuals will be identified face-to-face in blockchain.

Biometrid tries to create a One Faces phenomenon, a revolutionary ID. It takes only one recognition and no one can manipulate identity in blockchain. With this system, we expect a drastic reduction in identity theft.

Use case

Static ID
The main application of Biometrids is the creation of static identification tools that can not be manipulated. With Biometrids in place, users will be blacklisted if identification is used to commit fraudulent or fraudulent activity in any transaction. You will verify a person's identity before completing your transaction to ensure your safety and security. With a static ID in place, you can be sure that the party you've handled has never been flagged.

Delivery Package and Courier
Biometride stops packet theft. Before delivery can be made, courier will check the cross identity used when buying by purchasing the individual receiving the package. Any deviation means the package will not be delivered. The postman must scan the face of the individual receiving the packet to ensure the message is delivered to the correct recipient.

car rental
Biometrid allows fast verification of customers for car rental services. Car rental companies will no longer worry with customer driving records, credit, or fraud. With a simple face scan, the car rental company will verify the identity of the customer and request the required documents. When used with the Slock.it locking solution, Biometrid will provide a fundamental change in the car rental industry.

Cryptofer is Safe and Safe
With the increasing number of ICOs, security and security are essential. To prevent cheating and manipulation, justifying the identity of the participants is very important. Biometrid will generate responsible and interactive coin offerings. ICO teams and advisors should identify themselves and be responsible if ICO fails.

Facial recognition
With advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, facial recognition can be utilized to identify individuals. From childhood to old age, facial contours can not change. Once registered in blockchain, the face attribute remains static even with age changes. Whenever a merchant, individual, or government tries to identify you, a request will be sent to your smartphone for identification.

Identity Fraud Statistics
Identity theft has become a global epidemic. Biometrics aims to provide long-term solutions to these irritating problems. By 2015, 13.1 million people in America are victims of fraud identification and this figure has increased to 15.4 million Americans by 2016. This means the estimated loss is equivalent to $ 15.3 Billion in 2015 and $ 16 Billion in 2016. Losses keep increasing every year.

By 2016, tax fraud and job identity tops the list, while others include credit cards, bank accounts, phones, utilities, and benefit fraud. In the US, California ranks worst with 54,744 complaints. Identity theft from data breaches has also increased with more than 270 million identities exposed. With the increasing size and scope of identity fraud, there is a need to implement preventive and monitoring mechanisms.

Token Sale
Token IDS Name Total token 100.000.000 Pre-ICO Price 1ETH = 4000 IDS ICO Price Feb 19 - Feb 25:
February 26 - March 4:
March 5 - March 11:
Mar 12 - Mar 19:
3,000 IDS / 1eth
2.600 IDS / 1eth
2,200 IDS / 1eth
2,000 IDS / 1eth

The sum of 10% of the allocated team and 10% for the foundation will be locked for three years.

Any unsold coins during ICO will be locked for five years. After five years, they will be sold back to early investors in a private fundraising campaign. They will not be sold on the exchange

Investors will have the opportunity to get a share of all these transactions through Platform Biometrids. Investors can run their own nodes on the chain, with only 10,000 IDS.

When the system will be fully implemented worldwide, we will have 100 million transactions higher every day at a cost of 10-40cents and pay 90% for the nodes.

At PRE-ICO we offer 4000 IDS for the price of 1 ETH and in ICO the price will range between 2000-3000 IDS to 1 ET.

Our road map
Start an idea
2017 Q1 and Q2
January - June - Discussion and market study
2017 Q4
PRE-ICO 25 nov. -> 1 des.
2018 Q2
Setting up the foundation, and the recruitment process.
Start Developing Phase 1.
Adopted for exchange.
2018 Q4
Development stage 2.
Create model and architectural design for stage 3. Start stage 3 development.
People meet, where we discuss ideas, current plans, future plans, and what has happened since the end of the ICO.
2019 Q2
Release step 2.
Alpha version of stage 3
2019 Q4
The beta version of stage 3.

Community meet
2020 Q2 - Q3
Biometrids go-live.
2021 ->
Continue branding and awareness raising Biometrid to develop business processes for businesspeople. Furthermore, product development continues to fix bugs, take new initiatives, and improve the user experience.
2017 Q3
Development of the concept.
Find solutions to build the system.
2018 Q1
ICO Feb 19 -> Mar 19th.
2018 Q3
Stage beta stage 1. Testing with the community. Create model and architectural design for stage 2.
Release phase 1 and start stage 2 development.
2019 Q1
Beta version 2. Phase test with the community. Create model and architectural design for stage 4.
Start development stage 4.
2019 Q3
Beta version of stage 4. Testing with community.
Stage 4 release.
2020 Q1 - Q2
Complete product installation and full test. Join the new service, to use our API.
2020 Q4
Community meet

To find information on current biometrids projects, please follow some resources for the following References:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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