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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

AGE OF DRAGON - Creating a New Game World of Openness With Privatization, Uniqueness, And Security

Greetings community,


Based on blockchain technology, we are creating a new openness game world with the privatization, uniqueness, and security of game asset transactions as the cornerstone. Foundation and community developers bless players and game world with free development and unparalleled freedom. The experience of playing games will be completely unexpected and out of anyone's control; Game courses can only be experienced than expected or repeated.

With dragon legends as themes, the game world is divided into four stages of the evolutionary path, creating a world of great game themes and leading the Experience Revolution. The game world aims to be an open platform and ecosystem in the end; millions of players and developers pour a steady flow of new content to build a world that never stops.

In-depth understanding of blockchain technology, over 15 years of game development experience, the deep accumulation of different types of innovation games, a real global vision team, gives us the ability to develop ultra-large theme gaming worlds.

Very strong original creations and production capabilities
We have the ability to create original games with a global perspective; all the games developed over the years are original games that are innovative and have been widely praised. We have developed Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia series, etc.

Order & Chaos Online,
the first mobile MMORPG game, "Big Fish Swallow Small Fish" and "League of Tanks" are all released in many countries with over 50 million global users.

The lively expressive capabilities of the 3D world With the deep accumulated rights of 3D development, we are able to create a lively and immersive 3D game world with powerful technological realization power and artistic creativity.

3D engine development capability
This team mastered the ability of 3D engine development; based on the secondary development of open source machine "Irrlicht", it optimizes the machine in all the way from a variety of resource management, display optimization and supplement new modules for the development of a variety of special shader materials, cross platform support and other aspects; and self-developed machines are fully mature and commercialized.

Technical breakthrough capability
The core team has worked together for over ten years, which takes excellent technical breakthrough capacity against the difficulties encountered in the research and development process, so that better design goals from designers and art can be achieved.

Multi-platform development capabilities With abundant production experience, teams can develop PC / mobile games and hosted game platforms. It has successfully developed games on NDS, Wii, PS3, Xbox and other platforms.

Server technical capability
The team has independently developed and understood the advanced server architecture and operating technology in the industry. Strong characteristics such as million-supported DAU level, live updates with no service pauses, compatible coexistence, and old and new server operations, long-term automated gaming server operations (self-government operations, automatic warnings, long-term and reliable auto operations, and easy to maintain) has really materialized.

Core Team Member
Paul Pu - Top Game Producer, Director of Gameloft Producer China. Founder of Seastar 

Bill Zhang - Doctor of Automation in Tsinghua; senior experts on frame architecture and 

machine development.
Jason Zhu - Expert in server architecture, network frame, and Large data; Co-Founder of

Seastar Games.
Cathy Liu - 15 years of art design experience; the top producer in 3D art. Gameloft art 

Dragon Zhang - More than 10 years of software development experience; experts in cryptography, encryption and decryption algorithms, Hash algorithm.

Mitra Seastar Games
iDreamsky, NEXON, Kongzhong.com, GameView, Interserv International Inc.

Investor & Consultant
Wayne Cho - Best Ventura VC Executive Director; 36Kr 2017 Award "36 under 36"; The most popular elite investor in China Renaissance in 2017. VC is the most active investor, EtherCap 2017 Annual Award.

He Jia - Former Chief Secretary of OURPLAM; Founder of Nanshan Capital
Wang Lijie - A well-known corner investor, Evangelist of Blockchain Technology.
Ramble Lan - Chairman of the North American Blockchain Association (NABA)

Chairman of the Swftcoin Foundation
Shen Bo - Founder of FENBUSHI Fund & Blockasset Fund.
INBlockchain - China's largest blockchain investment firm.
Node Capital - Focuses on the blockchain industry. one of the earliest professional investment institutions in the world from the blockchain industry layout.
Dou Wang - Founder of the capital JIC. Inventor of Robot Blockchain. Community operations expert.

Token (NGT) Allocation
NEO Genesis Token - NGT is an ERC-20 based token issued by GameGene and will be used for all Blockchain games developed or published by GameGene. Age of Dragons is the first game released by GameGene.

The foundation will issue a total NGT of 20,000,000,000. 1 ETH = 200,000 NGT.

Allocation and Use

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The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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