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Friday, March 2, 2018

AFRICUNIA - Third Generation Closed-End Fund Using Blockchain

Greetings community,

AFRICUNIA is a third-generation closed-end fund using Blockchain AFRICANIA. The technology for creating bank-2-bank and peer-to-peer cryptocurrency is called AFCASH. If ICO succeeds, AFRICUNIA will move into a fully accessible digital financial institution 24/7. It will work like a conventional bank, but it will not host any branch

the physical front office. In other words, AFRICUNIA is a virtual bank

which will issue AFCASH using AFRICUNIA Blockchain 3.0
AFRICUNIA intends to bring globalization of investment, transparency and decentralization to the next level by utilizing the ubiquitous blockchain technology. AFRICUNIA offers a vision for a new standard platform for tokenized investments that will help bridge the gap between fiat and the crypto universe.

Profits for investors
Advantages for crypto investors:
• A new opportunity to access assets from the universe of fiat without leaving the crypto universe to comfort.
• Unprecedented diversification opportunities due to the low correlation between fiat and crypto assets.
• Access to investment opportunities that can lower the risk profile to complement and balance existing speculative exposures.

Benefits for fiat investors:
• Provision of higher net returns, cost-effective for tokenized fund structures
• Access to new asset classes due to lower barriers to a prepared fund and administration on the Africunia platform.


AFCASH is a digital coin to be created by AFRICUNIA BANK. It is important to point out that AFCASH not only becomes a CryptoCurrency, it will create an Ecosystem that will help bridge the gap between fiat and crypto universe and enable global users, but especially in Africa, to help themselves themselves. By developing an AFCASH Platform on a highly secure core blockchain (using APCA), integrating it with major decentralized technologies and creating use cases to demonstrate its capabilities in the financial services sector, AFCASH will help bring the major currencies into the crypto universe. The AFCASH platform will unite all aspects Traditional transactional deals are typically handled using fiat currency and provide many cryptorelated services in one place. The list of potential features of the platform will be unlimitedly extended and will continue to evolve as the platform evolves.

Excess Africunia
1. Offer the best cryptocurrency from the Fiat world. The majority of tokenized investment platforms are completely cryptooriented or pegged to some tradable assets such as gold or currency fiat. This siled approach hampers diversification. AFRICA intends to create the platform for users to benefit from both including decentralization, transparency, and exchange rates.

2. Promote sustainable fund investment. All token funds will be reviewed and approved by our advisory laws to ensure they are fully compliant with existing laws and regulations. By sifting through these risks from the start, AFRIKA will increase investor confidence and offer the necessary sustainability investment.

3. Develop a standard platform. Setting up the right investment structure is a difficult and costly undertaking. Not all tokenized funds set up have the appropriate structure, thus increasing regulatory risk for investors. AFRICA believes that this is a great time to launch industry standards to set up tokenized investment platforms.

4. Enhanced transparency Signature of the interest of the fund - or part of the profits provides accountability and transparency of the investment process. The required transparency will significantly improve the accountability of the investment manager.

5. Developing measurable funds.By using the AFRICUNIA platform, approved investment managers will set up and run token investment funds without going through the constraints and required IT development efforts and legal infrastructure.

How AFCASH will work

The AFCASH platform will incorporate the following components:
• APIs, compliance with regulations, laws and special regulations are the cornerstone of conventional banking The banking institutions are forced to follow high regulatory standards to protect the interests of shareholders. In fact, the reputation of banking institutions can be severely damaged if adequate KYC and AML protocols are not in place . We will use tested technology for APIs (Authorized Payment Agencies) to comply with conventional banking rules and requirements.

• EMI, Africunia will apply for EMI (Electronic Money Institutions) licenses to enable us to start spending electronic money. Upon becoming with the permit, we will implement a currency exchange service that will enable corporate clients to save money in their bank accounts and exchange them as needed.

• Commercial banks, the second full phase of this project makes us develop into a fully regulated bank as a classic banking service, Africunia will do it,

provides Banking as a Service (BaaS) which will add to the existing gap between currencies of cryptocurrency and fiat. Before the deployment

API, Africunia will apply for license from two card schemes: Visa and MasterCard. If all goes well, no BIN sponsorship is required during the card issuance process and simplifies the payment of processing cards

• Digital Pass Technology, Specifically, our digital pass will be implemented along the lines of facilitating users and businesses gaining access and retaining private and encrypted corporate data on Blockchain. Data stored in Blockchain will be used openly, safely and nondiscriminatively to encourage the scope of BANK Africunia and other ecosystems in strict accordance with banking regulations.

For more research please visit some sources for the following References:

BitCointalk username: Icaica22

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