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Friday, March 23, 2018

4NEW - Eco Power Plant

Hello everyone here I will explain about the 4new project, the latest posts are very interesting and good, for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

What is 4New?
4NEW is the world's first green, real, and waste power plant fully integrated in the blockchain network and dedicated to crypto mining.

We collect waste, process it through a high-pressure combustion chamber that produces free energy and organic byproducts.

We apply this free energy to the onsite crypto mining farm that completes the heel of cryptocurrency; Ravenous energy consumption meets with free energy production.

We are an energy producer, NOT an energy exchange platform.

Collect & Process Waste
Through the relationships fostered by 4NEW team members over the past three decades in the waste and energy industry, we ACCEPT waste from aggregators that allow us to keep our garbage collection fees in nominal terms.

Free Energy
Through a technical process of waste to energy that has proven to be successfully applied in utilization in many countries, 4NEW is positioned to produce free energy. The sewage treatment plant into Energy has succeeded in generating electricity for the last 60 years in North America and Europe.

This will allow the coin holders to borrow or risk their coins every three months. The coin represents the electricity on the block that is available for use by miners. Miners will have the ability to harness the energy at stake, as represented by coins, to process transactions in the top 20 crypto currencies.

Revolutionizing & Standardizing Three Industries
We will provide a blockchain platform that will enable decentralized, peer to peer transactions where energy production can directly meet global energy consumption. We will revolutionize the Waste, Energy and Crypto-mining industries that usher in a new era.

Check out our KWATT Presentation Video!

Why Blockchain?
The transaction cost of cryptocurrency is calculated based on the amount of energy consumed in the mining of the currency. This is called the hash level. During periods of high transaction volume, more energy is consumed to transact even the nominal amount of the currency. This results in soaring transaction costs.

4NEW enjoys a unique perspective to produce and apply its free energy to crypto mining. This will allow standardization of transaction costs within the crypto community.

This cost standardization can not be matched with other blockchain because they have to buy their energy from a power plant at a retail price.

4NEW will usher in the widespread global utilization of cryptocurrency.

1 KWATT Coin embodies in it 1 kilowatt of electricity.

Therefore, KWATT Coins are tokenized electricity.
KWATT Coin embodies a lifetime supply of electricity produced by a power plant and represents a Power Purchase Agreement between the token holder and 4NEW as represented by the smart contract ERC20. Historically, the Power Purchase Agreement is only available to bulk energy buyers directly from power plants at wholesale prices.

4NEW moves the middle man and places power in the hands of the people, literally.

What can you do with your KWATT Coins?
KWATT Coin is the smart contract of Ethereum ERC20 which represents the power purchase agreement between the token holder and 4NEW.

By 2018, you can apply for KWATT to apply your electricity to crypto mining transactions.

Trade It
By 2018, you can redeem KWATT to pay utility bills.

Utilizing It
By 2018, you can take advantage of KWATT for global healthcare and money transfers.

To find relevant details about 4new at this time, please follow some resources for the following References:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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