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Saturday, March 31, 2018

AIREXE - Crypto-Fiat Exchange To Ensure Customer Security

Hello everyone on this occasion I will explain about the AIREXE project, and here's the discussion:

Crypto-Fiat Exchange to Ensure Customer Security
From this article you will learn how AIREXE ensures increased client funds security, provides immediate responsive Customer Support, high availability and accessibility

How much protection does your savings and investments really have? Do you keep your funds in a reliable exchange or a cryptocurrency purse, and do you know how financial protection works? Do you keep thinking of the best way to make all your investments safe and ensure their safety? If you can get in touch with the question, we encourage you to scroll down, as we have some useful info to share with you!

What is the best way to secure your funds?
We spent tens of hours researching cryptocurrency markets to find the best way to invest, trade and store asstes. One of the easiest ways to ensure liquidity and security of funds is the exchange of currencies such as, for example, AIREXE.io. It is a new modern crypto-fiat currency exchange, focused on ensuring increased client funds security, providing direct responsive Customer Support, high availability and accessibility.

One important feature, which makes crypto exchange truly reliable is its legality. AIREXE will strictly adhere to and comply with government regulations, licensing requirements, taxation and will be an entirely legitimate exchange. This will ensure the security of clients and their funds. AIREXE.io aims to be the most convenient exchange for beginners and professional traders by providing both professional functions with all the features available, and simplified, for those who are beginners in cryptocurrency and commerce.

Secure crypto-fiat exchange feature
Again, let's mention the key features provided by the absolutely safe crypto-fiat exchange like AIREXE:
  • Highest security measures - the latest technology in authentication and biometrics for mobile users
  • Cooperation with regulators and government. Following the rules. Permissions. Taxation.
  • Responsive Customer Support - 24/7 direct customer support, with timely response
  • Start fast and tutorial for beginner traders
  • Project ownership transparency
  • Attention to mobile users - really neutral exchange of devices with native Apps
  • Integration with new blockchain, coins, tokens (for example - integration with TON, Telegram Open Network)
  • Ranking agents and analytics (providing professional analysis and ranking of cryptocurrencies for project, token, and crypto currency)

Offering Guaranteed Assets
Registration for AIREXE token sales is optional. However we strongly encourage you to pre-register and pre-verify yourself, so you do not have to wait for your account validation once AIREXE exchange is opened. Additionally, you may obtain additional AIRX tokens if you send a reference link for pre-registration and pre-verification of other users.

The Tokenized Assets offerings from AIRX token sales start on March 19, 2018 and runs until April 30, 2018. Do not miss an opportunity to participate!

The total number of AIRX tokens is limited by 5.500.00. The AIRX price depends on the amount of your contribution. Because the more you contribute the AIREXE project, as the cheap AIRX token you get. This price is:
  • 0.01 ETH per 1 AIRX for payment of less than 2 ETH (ie 1 ETH = 100 AIRX)
  • 0,009 ETH per 1 AIRX for payment from 2 ETH to 10 ETH (ie 1 ETH = 110 AIRX)
  • 0.008 ETH per 1 AIRX for payment of 10 ETH and more (ie 1 ETH = 125 AIRX)

Why is AIRX token useful?

  • AIREXE exchange will receive a trading fee on AIRX. Paying a trade fee in an AIRX token will be much cheaper than in other crypto currencies.
  • Total purchase time of 0% -fee on AIREXE.
  • Use AIRX to access Advanced and Professional functionality.
  • Payment for listing on AIREXE. Projects - ICO, ITO, TGE, TAO or blockchain and cryptocurrency forks can pay AIRX to register tokens and coins. The project paying AIRX for the list will be (a) prioritized for processing a list request and (b) assigning a personal manager to continue with the listing process and a list of supporters thereafter.
  • Payment to access Advanced Agency Ranking Project functions.
  • Users can easily sell and buy AIRX tokens on multiple exchanges.
After the Tokenized Assets Aire Offer team will need half a year to prepare an AIREXE exchange for opening. AIREXE Exchange is scheduled to launch in Q4 2018. Information with updates and announcements will be sent to users via email and will be provided in project media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Telegram. In addition, the foreign AIREXE exchange mobile app will be launched on the AIREXE opening date.

For more information about AIREXE at this time, please visit some of our website:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

4NEW - Decentralized Ecosystems Built On The Trust And The Shoulders Of The General Society

Greetings community,


4NEW Limited is the world's first public waste utility waste treatment plant. 4NEW will modernize the Waste and Energy industry by offering services as a wholesaler in the Utilities sector that is fully integrated into open source, decentralized public exchanges that allow consumers and industry partners to trade their 4NEW Coins for payments in the 4NEW ecosystem. This platform solves two major problems of waste management and energy supply through a decentralized ecosystem built on the trust and shoulders of the general public that this project aims to be.

Like many of you will be the production of our first waste-to-energy plant. Our goal is to build three in Sheffield, Hertfordshire and Newcastle in April 2018. This plant will convert waste from around the world into a sustainable, renewable, and usable energy. If you want to be involved in creating a more sustainable future.

a Platform is a concept that gives back to society! To explain the 4NEW model more precisely, the illustrations below give insight.

The 4NEW solution will help to bridge that gap to the blocking network by setting up a future factory location near the city center where these data servers are located, thereby reducing the burden on their respective national power grids.

The platform is built on four pillars. 4NEW Coin Limited- Provides "Coin as a Service" to industry peers, consumers and early adopters. A decentralized openchart integrated platform, facilitating the exchange of transactions between Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and Consumer to Consumer (C2C) related to the waste and energy markets.

4NEW Limited is pleased to announce the initial coin offer from the world's first Integrated Waste Treatment for Energy facility on the block network.

Our products are based on need, solve two global and social problems; Waste surplus and lack of energy. Our blockchain platform will be built on an underlying maintenance infrastructure that covers the entire supply chain from waste collection to power generation to selling energy units to the national network.

Given the utilitarian nature of our service, our belief that 4NEW will successfully integrate the blockchain network within the world's waste-to-energy conversion application with widespread acceptance.

(The total token offer is for three hundred million coins (300,000,000) This is the hard limit for the sale of the crowd offerings)

(One hundred million coins (100,000,000) are allocated to each factory location If only one factory site is launched then the remaining two hundred million coins (200,000,000) will be placed in the company's cash until the management team is ready to acquire additional properties to build additional plants .)

(4NEW will not allow the issuance of additional coins exceeding and above three hundred million coins launched in this initial coin offer. Therefore, there is a future growth in 4NEW crop sites will always depend on the supply of coins issued in this offer)

(We only need to sell twenty-five million coins for that to prepare our first factory, make the project feasible.)

(4NEW Coin purchasers in pre-sale and Direct launch in 2017 may choose to sell on one of the exchange rates at the general market at that time.)

(4NEW and Founder's parents will be limited from selling coins until January 1, 2019.)

(Per plant, 4NEW coins that are not sold in the victim's factory will be burned.For the doubt, if only 50 million coins are sold then 25 million coins will be collected by the Insider and the remaining 25 million coins will be burned for two other plants, two hundred million coins will be reserved in the Treasury for future development purposes of Tokomiik)

(Traditionally, liquid coins, which have high demand and premium trades on the general market, experience 25% of liquidity in the currency Anticipated sales of 4NEW per Each year of all additional services will be 75 million USD per plant buoy-free 75 million coins per plant, there will be 100% buy demand for 4NEW per year or in other words 4 times the liquidity than the average coin that is in great demand.)

(This document and other 4NEW documents do not constitute a prospectus of any kind and not solicitation for investment 4NEW Coins do not represent ownership or share in a public or private company, or any other entity in any jurisdiction Acquisition of 4NEW through initial coin offer is non-refundable 4NEW Coins only for use in connection with 4NEW merchandise and wi services and services within its ecosystem only Any acquisition and The use of 4NEW Coins carries significant financial risks, including the use of experimental software.)

ICO exists in four categories.
  • October 17 to October 23, 2017 -1 ETH = 264 FRNC (55% BONUS COINS)
  • October 24 to October 31, 2017- 1 ETH = 242 FRNC (40% BONUS COINS)
  • 1st November until November 14, 2017-1 ETH = 220 FRNC (30% BONUS COINS)
  • 15November to 15 December 2017-1 ET = 170 FRNC.
Let's help people get better at conversion and waste-to-energy provision !!


For more information :

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

OPTITOKEN - Creating Profits From Ongoing Trade Ranges

Greetings community,

The project aims to create the advantages of this ongoing trading sequence and instill it into its own OptiToken marketplace to provide continuous sporadic price pressures. The token purchased is then destroyed by sending it to an unreachable address to create a growing scarcity in the token supply and prohibit tokens from re-entering the ecosystem as 'selling pressure'. The remaining OptiTokens will get

value every time this cycle occurs.
Diversity: A portfolio of curated and diversified cryptocurrencies with an expert used to sole single fuel
Cryptocurrency by deflation. Opti will be traded on at least one major exchange.

Algorithmic trade: Exposure to algorithms that consistently surpass Bitcoin. Developed by rattling data from experienced trader's work. Will integrate machine learning.

Algorithm 24/7: Crypto does not stop and will not OptiToken. Constant, automatic hour trading round to identify trends to support the currency.

Purchase pressure: In every automated buying cycle, a portion of the profit generated will be used to purchase.

OptiToken in the market thus puts upward price pressures.
Strategic Scarcity: 100% repurchased tokens will be sent to addresses that can not be proven and can be verified transparently. OptiToken will be the first project to use this strategy for the purpose of increasing value for users. This will be the first hyper-deflationary currency in history.

Transparency: The portfolio will be audited externally annually and as necessary to maintain integrity for OptiToken. All movements can be tracked and verified using blockchain.

Problems and Solutions

Problems with Automation
The main problem to date is the failure of strong and consistent security measures. For example, in 2012 Knight Capital lost a total of $ 440 million dollars when its stock trading automation inadvertently sold all the shares it bought a few days earlier.

Optitoken's theory of prevention of such an event is to divide an actively traded portfolio into smaller groups based on fail-safe measures as well as different strategies. The remaining part for human trafficking and rebalancing. Furthermore, OptiToken seeks to create custom solutions by working with the exchange itself to implement fail-safe backup measures and controls.

Problem with Implementation of Machine Learning
The main idea that spur development is to apply machine learning based on social networking and media events. We believe this to be a fundamental weakness for several reasons.

a) The case is more often than not that the event is in the "news" it is too late to partake in a particular trend. In the team's experience this is very common, and chasing trends is never a shrewd trading strategy. However, one may still answer, what if you programmed to "sell the news?" The problem here is that any of the main headlines or relevance of any particular headline. It would be reckless to try to game this strategy in a contrary manner.

b) With little or no rules in place as of now, titles can be manipulated too easily to supply concrete data to measure or implement actions for. Not to mention the propaganda of social media accounts and social automation. Automations assigned to track improvements in certain cash-tag postings such as "$ NMC" may be affected by one individual acting as much as possible, through the implementation of some fake accounts programmed to promote the coin in some common way on social media platforms.

OptiToken Solution
OptiToken actively examines the distinctive mechanisms of space and will eventually apply learning patterns and behaviors based on cryptocurrency metrics such as mining, transaction volume, hashing power movement, mempools and more. We believe these fundamental figures tell the true story of sentiment and can be followed up in a small trade to "squeeze a profit." We believe this

the type of trade is best when it is done with only a small portion of the portfolio as a hedge against inherent risks, but still allows the accumulation of significant profits over time.

OptiToken ($ OPTI) is the token of ERC20 ethereum, which derives its value from the underlying portfolio and price support created through careful buying pressure caused by Opti Token purchases directly on the registered exchange (s) with the profits from trading the portfolio. Retrieved tokens are destroyed all these purchased tokens as soon as they create scarcity. The basket trade is based on simple algorithms designed to buy low and sell high, and use the Euro as a fiat

instruments for stability when no buying target is available at the time. The tokens in the basket are selected by the founder and team based on the trial month and the successes create the advantages of the same but more primitive strategy.

The tokens in the cart are not limited to the above market capitalization filters. The formula has been refined and will continue to be optimized as it moves forward. The choice

which will be the focus of Opti is a token with a strong community, sufficient volume, strong marketing presence, strategic partnerships, and especially open source development that is active in their respective source code. Unique niche market coins that may be deemed to have a fair or undervalued market capitalization are also part of the strategy and in special cases Token Opti may attempt to include, in small quantities, cryptocurrency or unregistered investments in Bitfinex. All tokens in the cart must have a concrete and active development.

Part of the profit, 16% to start, made when selling or swapping tokens when completing the cycle will be used to purchase OptiToken on exchange available in equal parts, thus giving up

price pressures. The cycle will consist of coins that meet certain criteria and then sold to the next coin that meets the purchasing criteria, assuming both have a partner. Otherwise, the trade balance needs to be converted into bitcoin or ether to be redeemed into the optimum crypto currency that meets the purchasing criteria. If no token meets the purchasing criteria, then some will be sold into fiat, especially Euro, to stabilize and lock acquisition.

Together with before, the retained earnings of each successful cycle will be shared in the following ways:
  • 82% will go towards rebuying the next targeted oversold coin in the basket to increase the value of the portfolio.
  • 16% will go buy Opti coins to create upward pressure on prices.
  • 2% will be used for operational costs.

November 2017
  • Launch testnet search benefits and data collection for use in final algorithms.
  • Initial initial team assembled - including one developer, one business developer / project manager, one quant and legal teams.
December 2017
  • - Web site launch and initial press release and marketing strategy.
  • - Launch social media channels to start building communities.
January 2018

  • Target and buy initial purchase.
  • ANN launch, white paper to follow soon.
  • Onboarding help and further developers.
  • Further development of the BETA testing algorithm instills more value and fosters the initial portfolio.
Acquisition of advisory team.

Feb 2018

  • The final draft white paper was released.
  • Further advisory and team orientation.
  • Further development of the algorithm and each user interface phase 1, wallet, etc.
March 2018

  • Marketing Token sales and PR campaigns
  • Start coding and implementation of the backend testing interface on the exchange
April 2018

  • ITO: 90 days
  • Start working on the algorithm
May 2018

  • BETA launches on the stock (s), growing the portfolio immediately after 1 month of ICO. Portfolios will not be idle but go right to work after one month.
  • Further work and optimize algorithm and security
  • Launch the ALPHA interface in Exchange (s) and continue to drive token sales
June 2018

  • Drive token sales last month and continue business development as well as the addition of both ITO sales
for portfolio.

July 2018

  • After the token-making event is completed, the distribution of tokens to ICO buyers.
  • Begin purchase of token phase on exchange (s) for OptiToken buy pressure with gain to date and then addition of ICO remaining.
Summer 2018

  • Creation and testing on each 2.0 user interface.
  • Continuously grow find and improve algorithms, maybe start the integration of machine learning. Advanced
  • Continuing growth-driven operations together by looking for new ways to improve for example do we include pre-sale discounts because there will be the ability to buy minimums? This can be a very interesting strategy when the market is overbought.
For more research on current smart optitoken contracts, please visit some important Links below:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

Friday, March 30, 2018

CRYPTO GLOBAL - Become the First Class Group of Global Leading Cryptocurrency Services

Greetings community,


We want to make purchases and sales of digital assets as simple as possible - and as easy as possible. We want people with minimal technical experience to be able to interact with our platform and experience the power and freedom of cryptocurrency.

"Our vision is to become a leading global class of first-class cryptocurrency services offering a range of solutions and focused products - from our reliable decentralized P2P exchanges to our upcoming international payment service."


Banks that do not have bank accounts, the gateway to global cryptocurrency investment: Despite the rapid growth of crypto currency, there are 2 billion adults worldwide without access to banking services. To invest in crypto currency, an investor must have some form of access to banking, whether it's a bank account, credit card or debit card. We do not need a bank account to use our platform, users can buy and sell using more than 20 payment methods.

We fund the doors that do not have bank accounts and open the door: Despite the rapid growth of cryptocurrency, there are 2 billion adults worldwide without access to banking services. To invest in cryptocurrency or digital assets, investors must have some form of access to banking, whether it's a bank account, credit card or debit card. CryptoGlobal Marketplace opens the door for populations that do not have bank accounts and bald populations to buy / sell cryptocurrency using traditional and alternative payment methods such as online wallets, and money transfer agents, among many others. We have integrated over 20 payment and withdrawal methods to help alleviate this problem.

We have removed the exchange to its core: Exisisitng cryptocurrency
the exchange is too complicated. As a result, we design and build a clean, intuitive, responsive, and easy-to-use platform. A platform that every investor, at any age, with any educational level can easily transact.

A truly decentralized P2P exchange: We have designed and built a decentralized decentralized P2P exchange, enabling users to control their prices, profit margins while protecting investors from market manipulation.

We have simplified the exchange and exchange of crypto-fiat services:
Exchanging and / or selling cryptocurrency in traditional exchanges can be difficult, inefficient, and timely. In addition, users are presented with a limited option when they want to sell their cryptocurrency to fiat. So we have integrated more than 40 fiat currencies for users to buy / sell digital assets.

A simple example of how the P2P mechanism works, using a simple seller and buyer model. The green diameter is the final stage of the transaction.


Token will have the following functions and benefits on the CryptoGlobal platform.
A cheaper and branded way for those who do not have a bank account to buy and invest in a cryptocurrency ecosystem. Based on ERC20, the token transaction fee will be below $ 0.30 on average.

  • Token will be used as the primary currency for CryptoGlobal Debit card
  • Buyers and sellers can pay for exchange fees using CGX tokens
  • Users can use CGX tokens to list their Buy / Sell ads on the platform and pay for them
  • premium rights list, which will send their ads to the top of the list.
  • Users can use a token to select a new currency into the list.
  • Users can choose to use CGX tokens for new features and modules to add.


We have no ideas. We have something real, a platform that has changed the game. This is our view for the future.

May 2017 - Idea Born
The idea of ​​CryptoGlobal Marketplace was born.

August 2017 - Development Begins
The idea is validated, the team is assembled. We started validation to animate this idea.

December 2017 - Completed Development
Development is complete and we are launching our next decentralized P2P exchange.

P2P Exchange

Feb 2018 - Sales Planning Token / Community Development
We begin collecting information, resources, and partnerships to plan effectively and efficiently for the sale of our tokens to the public

March - April 2018 Initial & Primary Token Sales
We will give investors the opportunity to invest in a sustainable long-term business for the future, by enabling the purchase of "CGX" tokens.
Tokens will be distributed accordingly and listed on tier 1 of the global exchange.

May - Token Distribution & Exchange Register

Sept 2018 - Apple & Android app
Integrates intelligent contract technology across platforms, to streamline transactions and processes.

Nov 2018 - Advertisers / Third Party Partners
We open the door to selected partners to advertise text ads in selected locations on our platform. Opening another revenue stream.

December 2018 - Crypto - Fiat Debit Card
We developed and launched our crypto-fiat debit card, allowing users to shop without selling their crypto assets.

Jan 2019 - Integrate More Cryptos
We started integrating popular cryptocurrency and alt0coins, based on our community choice. This will increase our options and trade options for all our users globally.

2019 - Global Expansion
Our year of expansion in various regions continued as we embarked on a journey to accompany more people and match the field of play.

2019 - Further Development
The development of our Android and Apple app store app starts. Allows users globally to trade digital assets on the go.

For more research on current global crypto intelligent contracts, please follow some of our websites:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

PLENTIX - Blockbain Based Applications and Applications Decentralized

Hello everyone here I will introduce a very interesting post about plentix project, and here is the discussion:

Plentix is ​​a decentralized blockbain based platform and app that aims to connect and reward all participants in the online referral program.

Decentralized and Automatic
A decentralized and distributed Blockchain system - providing businesses and developers with a structure to keep the platform free of charge while, at the same time, allowing a large number of developers to build it. Intelligent contract automation - enables programmers to easily install and play with supported software, enabling cost reductions with easy scale and automation capabilities. By using distributed and distributed infrastructure, Plentix provides programmers and businesses with a collection of APIs and open-source features.

Innovative Architecture
Businesses will have a variety of integration options - allowing them to continue to connect to their CRM system or POS system. While the Plentix platform empowers developers to write their modules, the Plentix application will allow programmers write modules to be combined with Plentix applications and transfer the cost of GAS programming to them when businesses using their software modules have transactions. In addition to several players working together behind the Plentix app platform, users see only one front-end interface and need only sign up for a Plentix app.

Choice of Flexible Gifts
There are many possible ways to refer your network to get an award. Referrers may earn 10% prizes in tokens for any referrals that make a purchase or even earn a commission for the first three purchases; It's up to business to choose from. The prize can be a Plentix token. Rewards can be monetized up to four purchases by referee clients. Prize choices vary from business to business, and include tokens, discounts, or a mixture of both.

Access to Tokenized References
Each time a business and a customer are connected, every recommendation for a friend, a Plentix token token, and a transfer value. Since Plentix is ​​a network platform with a fundamental token that is an asset in the crypto economy, everyone wins: platform success is strongly linked to user success, token growth and ecosystem value supported by Platform plentix (# 4Win)

You can refer friends using the easy-to-use Plentix interface. Plentix offers the ability to refer users who are not members of the platform by directing invitations through social media, email or SMS - giving all users an easy and easy way to interact.

Referee will receive a discount code that they can purchase from the particular business they refer. The amount of discount and amount of time that the referees can use depends on the scheme of each business set in their business admin panel.

The intended person can then use a discount code to purchase the product or service. Discount codes can only be active for a certain period of time depending on the scheme set by the business specific to the referral, they have the flexibility to change it whenever necessary.

The referrer will receive a gift of token code or digital discount, depending on the business referral scheme, the referrer will only receive a commission if the referee uses a discount code and purchases from the business.

Plentix is ​​a platform that gives developers the flexibility and extraordinary potential to earn revenue through their development. Developers can use the Plentix API to write their own software modules, either on the platform or through their own 3rd party applications. The on-platform module can be integrated in the Plentix application.

Developers on the platform will earn revenue for each customer interaction through their development; Programmers can use the Plentix feature to write administrative panels designed specifically for businesses that they interact and get paid for each transaction with that business in a Plentix application.

The business administration panel offers different industry-based choices where businesses can choose the referral scheme they want to offer users. Referrers can always choose between a Plentix token or a discount at a store or online. We anticipate that the choice will vary for each business, based on their nature.

You can control when and how your referrals are shared. As a decentralized platform, it's all done in blockchain - automating your referral program entirely by using smart contracts - without the need for authority, or controlling the business in between.


Join the whitelist to get the token. The Plentix Token Sale team is our first platform client. We run a referral program on the Plentix-Decentralized Platform for Pre-ICO and Token Sales, referring friends and receiving plenty of evidence.



To find relevant details about the current Plentix, please follow some resources for the following References:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

TRUEPLAY - Creating A Transparent And Honest Platform For Gambling

Hello everyone here I will explain about Trueplay project, and here is the discussion:

Platform to create and support a blockchain-based gambling project



Will make bets, place and withdraw funds through tokens

Get full transparency across all reciprocal settlements. View all stats and all transactions from interested players.

The owner of the casino
Tokens will be used when forming a bank for financial relationships with players, affiliates, game providers and for action on platforms

Online project
Complex solutions blockchain for integration of games and shared settlements by players, affiliates, developers, and owners


Learn more about our project


  • The core of TruePlay Wallet was developed
  • Integrated ETH payments
  • Integrated BTC payments
  • Smart contracts for the release and management of TPLAY and WEB interfaces to manage smart contracts are developed
  • API for deposit and payment of funds from TruePlay Wallet to merchant (casino, shop, etc.) have been developed
  • Custom WEB Interface for TruePlay Wallet
  • User registration / authorization, KYC basic policy
  • API for registration and authentication with TruePlay Wallet in external project has been developed
  • The core of MVP casino running with blockchain technology has been developed.
  • The hash series publishing function into the blockchain, stopping the series and producing the developed series.
  • Generate and integrate series for roulette
  • Generate and integrate series for slots
  • Produce and integrate series for video poker
  • API for deposit and payment of funds with TruePlay Wallet in MVP has been developed.
  • Integrated game from Game Provider: Spinomenal
1 Q 2018
  • Finalize Web wallet apps to work with TruePlay (TPLAY)
  • The first TruePlay presentation at the largest ICE 2018 profile exhibition, London.
  • Mobile wallet app development to work with TruePlay (TPLAY)
  • Test and audit TPLAY clients
  • Apply APIs to connect carriers to the Trueplay platform
  • Integration of payments and victory payouts using TruePlay in PokerDom.com poker room
  • The launch of Fairplay.io. This is the first project on the Trueplay platform. The project was developed in partnership with Gamingtec and licensed for gambling, issued by the Kanawakee game commission. This project will connect leading game game providers to platforms: Evolution Gaming, Quickspin, Microgaming, Netent, Yggdrasil, PragmaticPlay.
2 Q 2018
  • Prepare for PCI-DSS certification
  • Doing Token Sales
  • Designing and developing your own blockchain: collecting requirements, selecting tools and creating project documentation.
  • Development of modules to verify game data coming from game providers
  • Publish transactions and game statistics to blockchain
  • The design and construction of hi-load hardware complex, to ensure uninterrupted operation of the verification module.
  • List of TPLAY in stock exchange
3 Q 2018
  • PCI-DSS standard certification process
  • Game integration from third-party Game Providers into the platform
  • Development of own blockchain
  • Integration of basic altcoyins acceptance into TruePlay wallet
  • Submission of documents to obtain the necessary licenses
  • Connect the operator to the Trueplay platform
  • TruePlay Wallet integration with crypto currency exchange
  • Creation of a network-wide jackpot with different rewards for different game / range bets using smart contracts
  • Launches support services for place users on the Trueplay platform
4 Q 2018
  • Release the beta version of the blockchain itself and test platform functionality completely
  • Game integration from third-party Game Providers into the platform
  • Realization of various tournaments on the Trueplay platform
  • Development and implementation of affiliate programs using TPLAY and distribution of funds through Smart Contract
  • Obtained license
  • Obtain a PCI-DSS certificate
1 Q 2019
  • Starting from commercial operations on the blockchain itself
  • Development of API to link the project to Trueplay affiliate program
  • Added a lottery game (keno, bingo, lottery start)
  • Integration into platform games from Third Party Game Providers
1-4 Q 2019
  • Integration into the Sportsbook platform
  • Development and launch of the commercial Trueplay APK
  • Connect the operator to the Trueplay platform
  • Further fill the platform with quality content
To find relevant details about Trueplay at this time, please follow some resources for the following References:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

AGE OF DRAGON - Creating a New Game World of Openness With Privatization, Uniqueness, And Security

Greetings community,


Based on blockchain technology, we are creating a new openness game world with the privatization, uniqueness, and security of game asset transactions as the cornerstone. Foundation and community developers bless players and game world with free development and unparalleled freedom. The experience of playing games will be completely unexpected and out of anyone's control; Game courses can only be experienced than expected or repeated.

With dragon legends as themes, the game world is divided into four stages of the evolutionary path, creating a world of great game themes and leading the Experience Revolution. The game world aims to be an open platform and ecosystem in the end; millions of players and developers pour a steady flow of new content to build a world that never stops.

In-depth understanding of blockchain technology, over 15 years of game development experience, the deep accumulation of different types of innovation games, a real global vision team, gives us the ability to develop ultra-large theme gaming worlds.

Very strong original creations and production capabilities
We have the ability to create original games with a global perspective; all the games developed over the years are original games that are innovative and have been widely praised. We have developed Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia series, etc.

Order & Chaos Online,
the first mobile MMORPG game, "Big Fish Swallow Small Fish" and "League of Tanks" are all released in many countries with over 50 million global users.

The lively expressive capabilities of the 3D world With the deep accumulated rights of 3D development, we are able to create a lively and immersive 3D game world with powerful technological realization power and artistic creativity.

3D engine development capability
This team mastered the ability of 3D engine development; based on the secondary development of open source machine "Irrlicht", it optimizes the machine in all the way from a variety of resource management, display optimization and supplement new modules for the development of a variety of special shader materials, cross platform support and other aspects; and self-developed machines are fully mature and commercialized.

Technical breakthrough capability
The core team has worked together for over ten years, which takes excellent technical breakthrough capacity against the difficulties encountered in the research and development process, so that better design goals from designers and art can be achieved.

Multi-platform development capabilities With abundant production experience, teams can develop PC / mobile games and hosted game platforms. It has successfully developed games on NDS, Wii, PS3, Xbox and other platforms.

Server technical capability
The team has independently developed and understood the advanced server architecture and operating technology in the industry. Strong characteristics such as million-supported DAU level, live updates with no service pauses, compatible coexistence, and old and new server operations, long-term automated gaming server operations (self-government operations, automatic warnings, long-term and reliable auto operations, and easy to maintain) has really materialized.

Core Team Member
Paul Pu - Top Game Producer, Director of Gameloft Producer China. Founder of Seastar 

Bill Zhang - Doctor of Automation in Tsinghua; senior experts on frame architecture and 

machine development.
Jason Zhu - Expert in server architecture, network frame, and Large data; Co-Founder of

Seastar Games.
Cathy Liu - 15 years of art design experience; the top producer in 3D art. Gameloft art 

Dragon Zhang - More than 10 years of software development experience; experts in cryptography, encryption and decryption algorithms, Hash algorithm.

Mitra Seastar Games
iDreamsky, NEXON, Kongzhong.com, GameView, Interserv International Inc.

Investor & Consultant
Wayne Cho - Best Ventura VC Executive Director; 36Kr 2017 Award "36 under 36"; The most popular elite investor in China Renaissance in 2017. VC is the most active investor, EtherCap 2017 Annual Award.

He Jia - Former Chief Secretary of OURPLAM; Founder of Nanshan Capital
Wang Lijie - A well-known corner investor, Evangelist of Blockchain Technology.
Ramble Lan - Chairman of the North American Blockchain Association (NABA)

Chairman of the Swftcoin Foundation
Shen Bo - Founder of FENBUSHI Fund & Blockasset Fund.
INBlockchain - China's largest blockchain investment firm.
Node Capital - Focuses on the blockchain industry. one of the earliest professional investment institutions in the world from the blockchain industry layout.
Dou Wang - Founder of the capital JIC. Inventor of Robot Blockchain. Community operations expert.

Token (NGT) Allocation
NEO Genesis Token - NGT is an ERC-20 based token issued by GameGene and will be used for all Blockchain games developed or published by GameGene. Age of Dragons is the first game released by GameGene.

The foundation will issue a total NGT of 20,000,000,000. 1 ETH = 200,000 NGT.

Allocation and Use

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