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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

SGPAY - An ambitious project aimed at launching a digital wallet

SGP is a platform that combines virtual currency and fits with a seamless wallet experience. The Company intends to collect $ 4.8 million with an initial offer fee (ICO) for the SGP token, which will be in February. SGeE is an ambitious project aimed at launching the "All in One" digital wallet in June 2018. This is definitely one of the most exciting new projects in Southeast Asia, scheduled for this year.

To learn more about this project and to participate in ICO, please visit. Website http://www.sgpay.org is built on Itorium Blockchain as per our SGP Token ERC-20 standard. SGP Token (or SGP in short) is designed as a utility token to use. The main platform will be adopted and integrated by our technology partners.

Our main platform is SGP 3G e-Wallet and mobile e-payment application that allows users to buy and sell cryptocorn, or use it using cryptocurrencys and battle currency. Our goal is to make a pioneer of SGP. E-wallet and e-paid mobile app areas for all people living in Customers can pay for groceries, movie tickets, books, flights with SGA, and more, they can also choose their preferred payment mode in either luxury or cryptocurrency on selected merchants

Ready Market - A Right Launchpad The above chart highlights the trend of mobile payments in Singapore, which has played an important role in other regional markets. Though small, the Singapore spotlight has shown much preparation for incorporating new trends in mobile and electronic payments, compared to neighboring countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

This is due to a mature tech sector, even with the fact that every Singapore has a 3.3 handheld device with mobile phones available on the market but a true integrated payment platform is not available based on trends. It has found a more mature leg around the world. This includes paid services directly from the above mentioned QR code in addition to integrated services on the platform. This trend has been highlighted by the double success of Ali Pappin China and PETM in India.

Current competitors
Netspay - Leaders present in the payment area are gradually embracing Cashless integrated payment culture. Their strength lies in the old legacy sales system (POS), which currently numbers more than 37,000 business outlets. Their application allows users to get special offers from merchants. For the top charts, see how many payouts are in Singapore

DBS Paylla - This is a bank's payment application by Development Bank of Singapore (DBS), which allows users to transfer funds via mobile phone number. The app also lets users pay bills and donate money and request money transfers. However, similar to Netspack, there is no comprehensive service integration that will make it more useful for consumers.

Kinhaquo? - The most popular local crypto activation dye that allows users to transfer the Vitak Fund to the purchase of bitcoine and atherom, however, the wallet suffers a higher price than other markets, a lot of downtime, and also the lack of mobile applications. Too

The goal of SGPA is to put the SGP in everyone's hands and its performance from one customer to the corner of the merchant. Since all traders are consumers by the way but not all consumers are business people, we believe that customers are important to promote integration so that traders are more than just integration. In addition, after a large user base, merchant consolidation can be expanded more easily, the focus of the current payment solution provider to provide point-of-sale sales to vendors creates a highly saturated market. Which gives consumers a false competitive array solution at the point of payment.

SGP believes that the future of merchant consolidation lies in the same application where customers will use their wallet platform. Such integration will also mean that there will be an important role in the role of QR codes. Blockchain Capital Private Limited Limited and its partners will primarily pursue mobile strategy for property development, which can meet market needs.

SGK Token Token SGP at a Glance is a compatible token ERC 20 in Itorium BlockChain. This promotion and use is done at SGP, affiliate business platform and affiliate merchant outlet. Tokenholders enjoy various incentives such as low transaction costs when buying or selling crypto on the SGPay platform.

Recycling Project Assessment: Due to the regulatory environment, Singapore has become a major center for the blockchain project, a non-expansive list of projects, current market capitalization as well as a brief summary. For each related project, the ticker will be listed next to their name. All market capitalization is correct until December 13, 2017 and will change based on market conditions.

Assessment of Digizado Recycling Project [DGD] - US $ 275M Market Capitalization The gold reserve mine created in the Athrell Block is a benchmark of value on the DGX Blockchain and their tokens are held in 2016, with an increase of 5.5 million US dollars.

Tenx [US $ 255 million] is created in partnership with TenKeck Credit Card Company to create crypto on your card. This is done through a liquidity provider that handles multiple assets offline. Tennex collected its tokens in June 2017 and was fined US $ 80 million.

Cubar Network [KNC] - US $ 190 M Capture Market Cabar Network is a new on-chip system that enables easy conversion and exchange of digital assets. This cryptographer reduces the user when trading currencies. Crystal Cable Network Sales raised US $ 60 million in September 2017.

SGP Token [SGP] - Market Capitalization US $ 4.8 million [On Full Allocation] Our third-generation debt wallet works at SGP. The purpose of building a 3G wallet is to integrate crypto, e-payment and other services on BlockChain.


For more details:

Website :https://www.sgpay.org/
Whitepaper :https://www.sgpay.org/sgpay-whitepaper-final.pdf
Facebook :http://www.facebook.com/sgpaywallet
Twitter :http://www.twitter.com/sgpaywallet
Telegram :http://t.me/sgpay/

Username Bct: Icaica22

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