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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

LUNES - One of the World's First Multi-Service Wallet Functions By Providing Security And The Stability Of The Many World

Hello everyone in this new post I will describe about lunes project, and here is the discussion:

About Luner are:
The Lunes Wallet offers the convenience of many Services in the world's financial ecosystem. Cryptocurrency storage, market management and stock exchange cards are among the world's first multi-service wallet functionality by providing security and a lot of world stability.

With me clear, you will have full control over your keys, tokens and cryptocoins. Unlike obsolete systems from some major exchanges around the world, we work in a decentralized and integrated way with our own Blockchain.

Here I Obviously you can do trading operations by using your balance. From tokens to tokens, from tokens to cryptocoins, from cryptocoins to tokens, and between cryptocoins, we offer structured and structured solutions that match the company's values ​​of flexibility and security.

The Lunes wallet is a hybrid, lets you store Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Most importantly, Lunes Wallet is easy to use and has experience focused on user experience. Flexible, smart, and most importantly, safe. We will release many features in Lunes Wallet, but you can customize your wallet usage in accordance with your Wallet Lunes, let you fully control the storage.

How It Works Lunes?
Decentralized transactions work to keep your cryptocoins and tokens from being kept in a controlled environment by third parties, thereby ensuring the total security of your funds and investments in order to secure security in keeping the coins.

The delivery and reception of cryptocurrencies is simple and easy. Users can enter addresses manually or scan QR Code. The Lunes wallet then quickly sends transactions to the network. Block explorers are available for constant monitoring of transaction confirmations on blockchain. The transaction level is calculated dynamically in accordance with network congestion, preventing transactions pending without confirmation or paying excessive fees.

Lunes has a goal to provide an optimal experience so that users can have full control over their coins, even when traded on our exchange automatically other people can work with us and are guaranteed full security.

Lunes Pre-ICO and ICO Announcements
Lunes was grateful and happy with the official date of the incoming ICO, so I officially announced the token.Total 600 million tokens available will be issued at the launch of ICO, without the creation of a new Lunes token. A total of 21% token, to be distributed in a partnership consolidation process, bonuses to the development team, corporate money for future investment and rewards to the social networking community. The rest of it is only 79% left to be funded through ICO.

Pre-ICO: February 25, 2018

ICO: April 2018
The pre-ICO / ICO pricing will follow as shown below. We will issue 474 million tokens for Pre sale and authorized sales totaling 600 million tokens. Our first round during Pre ICO will have 10 million tokens at $ 0.01 per token with 30% bonus. Still in second round ICO Pre will have 100 million tokens at $ 0.08 per token with a 20% bonus. Here's a chance you have to buy at the cheapest price!

During ICO I will allocate 200 million tokens for $ 0.15 per token with 10% bonus. The last chance to buy a Lunes token is with an allocation of 164 million tokens at $ 0.30 per token with a 5% bonus.

Lunes is very disturbed by transparency, and we want to show our token allocation. This way, you as an investor can be separated from where I will manage each token out of our total inventory.

Proposed Fund: 102 Million (17%)
These funds will be used for future investments, with the aim of expanding the company, in addition to the development of new products and services.

7 Million Strategic Partners (1.16%)
This will be destined for Lunes strategic partners, with the aim of expanding and distributing our products and services.

Lunes Development Team 15 Million (2.5%)
This evidence will be reserved for Lunes Team payments. All Lunes teams will be paid through our own tokens.

Bounty 2 Million (0.34%)
We will share our appreciation to communities that are organically collaborating with our project dissemination. This Token will be addressed to the community of Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, Bitcointalk communities, prominent translators, bloggers and forums in a joint search for the success of our platform.

Total Distribution of PREICO / ICO 474 Million (79%)
Tokens are distributed for official sales All unsold token will be burned and no referral bonus will be provided, so it should be very clear in the sales.

The availability of our white paper will operate our products and services on January 10, 2018, and contains all the details of ICO, as well as the Roadmap for the development of Tim Lunes platform and presentations.

The Lune code will be available in Github starting January 26, 2018.

For more details on the current lunes project, please visit the following links:

Bitcointalk Name: Icaica22

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