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Monday, February 19, 2018

KICKCITY - Online Startup School Y Combinator Alumnus.

Hello everyone here I will give you a little review about Kickcity that can be taken into consideration in observing the latest project that currently runs, has a unique and good concept, for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

What is KickCity?
Imagine Eventbrite & Meetup.com in blockchain with an awesome rewards system that enables effective marketing, Welcome to KickCity. The Future of Event Management & Marketing Our Goals: The Largest Utility Tokens on the ETH Network. KickCity is an online startup school Y Combinator Alumnus.

KickCity Protocol

For Event Marketing
A decentralized peer-to-peer protocol for event marketing in return for participants will enable event marketing more effectively without going through a central advertising platform institution.New revenue sources for you, event participants and marketers while maximizing results for Event vendors.

We propose an incentive-based virus system that potentially brings millions of people in contact with crypto. Our learning curve rewards first users with tokens, motivating them to use this token for ticket purchases or trading on the exchange.

How it works
Each event has a marketing pool where vendors can allocate KCY tokens for gift-based marketing. Once the campaign is launched, any user can click on the event and the smart contract generates a unique link for the user.

Users can then share this link with their friends on social media and get rewards when there is a conversion (ticket sales or registration). Smart contracts track all transactions and automatically transfers gifts in a transparent manner.

Tickets can be purchased using Bitcoin, Ethereum, KCY tokens and FIAT. Most event participants have FIAT and the event organizers want money. By accepting FIAT and paying prizes only in KCY tokens, KickCity will simplify FIAT to Crypto for events.

KCY & Reeds Law

KickCity token (KCY) is a smart ERC20 token that implements the Bancor protocol.

The Law of David P. Reed (2 ^ N - N - 1) states that large network "utilities" can be exponentially with network size

The KickCity protocol is designed to run millions of events where each event is a subgroup with N participants. The activities of each participant and subgroup potentially benefit the entire system.

To facilitate rapid expansion and easier adoption, we will offer white label API technology for KCY integration to other event platforms

Media in KickCity

1.Q4 2016
KickCity App Early Release

2.Q2 2017
KickCity Event Platform + Initial Revenue

3.Q3 2017
Development of Blockchain and KickCity Protocol

4.Q4 2017
KickCity Protocol Demo and Use Cases

5.Q1 2018
Crowdsale "TGE" March 1st

6.From Q3 2018

Token requirements

  • Crowd Sales (64%)
  • KickCity (12%)
  • Partner Token (12%)
  • Team (12%)
250 Million KickCity Tokens (KCY) will be created.

160 Million KickCity Tokens (KCY) will be sold during bulk sale and all unsold tokens will be destroyed

Partner Tokens - including Bounty & Marketing, Advisors, Traditional Angel Investors (who invested in KickCity 2 years ago).

30% of the partner token will be entitled.

The percentage of KCY token distributions MAY change following forecasting on the Wings platform.

For more detailed information about Kickcity at this time, please visit some of our website:

Bitcointalk user name: Icaica22

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