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Friday, February 16, 2018

HELBIZ - Open Transportation Platform With P2P Car Sharing Application

Greetings of the community, on this occasion I will describe about the project Helbiz, the latest posts that have a good concept and interesting to see, for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Helbiz is an open transport platform with its own P2P car sharing app built directly to the platform and a utility token to power the entire system.


Share wheel without Peer-to-peer distance
Helbiz is a decentralized AirBnB for transportation, which allows owners to rent their vehicles without manual involvement. Tenants can only order, open and start your car from the app and leave.

HELBIZ is based on a simple idea, using the power of blockchain technology to revolutionize the sharing of wheels around the world in peer to peer. His predecessor, a company like Uber or Airbnb, laid the foundations for HELBIZ, and now he's taking us one step further. With this project, sharing the car with others on the HELBIZ platform will be done in an easy way. You will use your smartphone as a car key for the selected vehicle, open it and start the machine with it. Thanks to blockchain technology the whole process will be safe and transparent for all HELBIZ service users worldwide, and car rental rates will be much more affordable when compared to the classic car hire company.

There is another interesting part of this project that awaits us in the future. The HELBIZ mobile system platform was developed with the aim of letting other companies interested in improving its business, to build blockchain based decentralization based applications in it. This will bring some advantages to all companies that use the mobile system platform in the future and make their business more competitive.

There is a well-known old saying among investors and entrepreneurs who say: "Projects you can describe in less than a minute usually work." Based on this short intro video HELBIZ is one of them.

Speaking of the best time in history, with HELBIZ you will be rewarded just to drive your car. This important segment of the HELBIZ platform will allow users to change their driver data to get different rewards and travel services. Good idea to return the data to the owner's true hands, rather than handing it over to some big company gives us a chance to get our data. It's calculated that only one individual generates data worth more than $ 2000 annually, but does not get any of that amount. With the rise of blockchain technology is changing rapidly across all segments of life and business, and now thanks to HELBIZ the same thing happens with driving data.

The HELBIZ platform will be triggered by Ethereal-based Helbiz Coin (HBZ). He developed as a perfect solution for international wheelbase business. Platform users around the world will have a fast and reliable independent payment solution of the same value in each region. All payments are the same as rewards for troy platform users to be executed by Helbiz Coin. HBZ coins will be tradable with all major cryptoes directly on the platform, plus there is an integrated HELBIZ wallet provided for secure storage. Pre Sale token started a few days ago through the ICO process at HELBIZ WEBSITE.

You can check the basic token metrics in this table, and I will write more about the HELBIZ business system, the team that developed this project and the token economy in the second part of this article.

For relevant research on Helbiz today, you can find some links below:

Bitcointalk user name: Icaica22

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