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Friday, February 9, 2018

CURRENT - Creating a Unique Digital Token Gives Award At Someone's Time

Hello every friend, on this blog I want to elaborate on Current project, and here's the discussion:

Get paid for streaming from networks like Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and more in the all-in-one personal experience

Currently creating digital tokens that uniquely reward someone's time, money spent, and data shared during the media streaming experience. This token can be used to purchase a variety of products, services and ads within the platform.

By consolidating popular media networks into one place, There are now more than 200,000 users with an easier search and discovery experience. With the launch of the token platform, users will be rewarded for streaming content from their favorite networks such as:
  1. Spotify,
  2. Youtube,
  3. SoundCloud and more ..
Platforms incorporate behavioral data points that include the types, times, and topics everyone is playing on multiple networks to better meet any suggestion than any single network.

Blockchain technology allows for a new system for transparent accounting required for instant assessment of time, data, and attention. The current protocol aligns the interests of all stakeholders in the media consumption cycle to create a network effect that encourages adoption. By creating new exchange media, Consumers get more choices about how they pay for media; Creators and Receivers are getting new forms of compensation, and Advertisers are getting more transparent accounting and viewer information. The protocol interacts in the Current platform in addition to other host media networks. It introduces new revenue streams and incentive mechanisms for host networks that provide the ability to scale effectively. Over time, developers will utilize the identity profiles created for future blockchain-based systems.

Next Generation of Streaming Media.

A platform
It currently consolidates the content and features of the most popular media networks into an all-in-one personal experience.

A protocol
The protocol rewards people for their streaming, ad impressions and personal data. The initial launch on the current platform, the protocol will be open for developers and third party providers to take advantage of it.

A Token
The current utility token, CRNC (pronounced "currency"), reduces or eliminates the cost of premium subscriptions and facilitates the purchase of advertising.

Just press play

Anyone can get CRNC
  • Produce simple CRNC; Navigate your favorite content through the Current Platform.
Reduce Premium Subscription Fees
  • CRNC can be used immediately to reduce or eliminate the cost of a premium subscription to a popular content provider.
Access Your Favorite Content
  • Platform with an almost unlimited content library that meets the demand for popular music, videos, movies, audiobooks, podcasts, etc.
The most simple onboarding
  • Currently automatically creates CRNC wallets for each user. In many cases, Current will be the first digital wallet owned by the general public.

Allocation of Total Token Supply

The inventory of our 1 Billion tokens tokens tokens will be allocated in the following ways:

Fund Distribution

Our team has consistently demonstrated the ability to utilize resources efficiently and scale products quickly.

I want to participate

I Do not Have Cryptocurrency.
Anyone who owns the Current Application during the token sale period will be rewarded with a small amount of CRNC in their own personal Wallet.

Get Free CRNC
I Already Have ETH or BTC.

Participate in the sale of our tokens by contributing ETH or BTC and getting a token CRNC instead.
Get a whitelist
I am interested in airdrop.
Enter it to get free CRNC from our airdrop.
Enter airdrop

To find relevant details about the current Current project, please follow the source for the following References:

Nama pengguna Bitcointalk :Icaica22

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