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Friday, February 2, 2018

BOOSTEROID - A Safe Cloud Service Platform That Provides Easy Access To The Computing Resources Of Storage Of Software Products And Other Functions

Hello every friend,

Cloud technology unconsciously enters our lives and really takes their place. Even ordinary users can no longer imagine how to manage without cloud, where you can store and sync documents without music and video services, which store endless stocks of music and movies, without photo services, where you can get rid of your gigabyte photos. hard. disk

Boosteroid is a secure cloud service platform that provides easy access to computing resources, storage, software products and other functions. Our service will make it possible to leave expensive personal computers that support powerful "cloud" computing with easy-to-use interface and simple management. Computers can perform various tasks in "cloud" - start working with text to analyze DNA. Thanks to the lowest rental cost in the computing power market, Boosteroid will be available to any World Wide Website user.

Cloud System is an easy-to-use network access model for configurable computing resources that can be easily provided and released with minimum operating costs or contacting a service provider. There are two main types of cloud - public and private. Public clouds are used for free access from a wide audience while private is used by organizations that include many consumers.

Boosteroid is a secure cloud service platform that provides easy access to computing resources, storage, software products and other functions. Powerful "cloud computing" with user-friendly interface and simple management. This computer is capable of performing various tasks in the "cloud". By choosing Project Boosteroid you are entitled to the following awesome benefits that you will truly enjoy:

The project gained experience and found that architecture, constant capacity utilization, cloud computing costs continue to decline significantly. Therefore, the presence of this project will be able to provide Cloud data access services at a much lower price than those offered by leading market participants. Budget-friendly rentals will make Boosteroid available to all World Wide Web users.

The reason you invest in Boosteroid

Lowest price of computing resources
Due to its unique architecture and minimal electricity costs, you want to be able to use computing resources at the lowest price.
  • Opportunity to select the computing power required
  • You want to select the required computing power and change it with just a few clicks.
  • Unlimited lease time
  • They provide cloud computing money anytime from one hour to several years.
  • Security
You believe your business is flawless. Information always wants to be safe and no one can steal or withdraw it.

Boostreroid will come in the form of a digital currency named BTR token tokens. The token BTR itself plans to be sold in three stages. The first will start on October 23, 2017 until November 6, 2017 (Stage 1: $ 0.48 - $ 0.58). The second phase will go on sale from November 27, 2017 to December 11, 2017 (Stage 2: $ 1.08 - $ 1.38), and the third phase will go on sale from January 15 to February 15, 2018 (Stage 3: $ 1.80 - $ 2 , 78). Total tokens available are 800,000,000 BTR, which can be purchased with digital currency in the form of Ethereal.

Token BTR is built on Ethereal blocking platform with default token ERC20. 1 BTR token corresponds to a one-hour computing power charge based on eight NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards; two Intel Xeon processors E5 2680v4; 256Gb RAM; SSD 960Gb. It is possible to use tokens to pay Boosteroid computing fees or trade them at a higher price on key crypto exchange.

Now, you are sure, indeed, investing in a Boosteroid Project is an Intelligent Choice, so we want to give you the key to get this project and become one of the project partners. The Boosteroid project presents their Boosteroid tokens with a total of 1 billion tokens to be released and called BTR. The BTR token is built on the Ethereal block platform with the default token ERC20. No reissue after funding is complete. Token received as payment for this service will expire. When their ICO is complete, all unsold and un-distributed tokens will be destroyed. This means there is a high probability that the BTR token value will increase.

Smart choice brings good luck and can give you the best and perfect investment. Opportunities are just around the corner waiting for people who have the will to try it. This Boosteroid project really wants to exceed your expectations, so, drop your feet with those who dare!

Boostreroid is a teamwork team led by Ivan Scvaichenko, who works with managers, developers, consultants, skilled and experienced marketing professionals in their respective fields. Who is trying to give the best of their ability in this project.

For more details about boosteroid please visit the following sites:

Bitcointalk user name: Icaica22

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