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Thursday, February 15, 2018

BLOOMZED - Provide Easy Connection Of Any Tech Solution

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By definition, Bloomzed is a high-tech software solution that has an open API and consists of a large number of software blocks integrated into an integrated system. The Bloomed unified system is designed to provide easy connection of any technology solution, to manage individual blocks and the entire system. The system is created, so the settings, release, updating, editing, expansion capabilities, and other options are available to us endlessly and / or slow down the system as a whole.

Competitive Advantages of Bloomed Projects
Our project concept not only considers the experience of the leading market players, but also the modern trend in the development of electronic payment ball. Therefore, to ensure Bloomzed's competitiveness, the focus is on the following areas.

Provides the most complete functionality among other similar projects on the market. Currently, Bloomzed gives users the greatest opportunity amongst the world's mobile wallets. The pacing project combines all of the basic competitor activities described in the previous section, and combines functions in one place. In fact, Bloomed is a universal payment instrument that includes transfers and payments in crypto and electronic funds, work with online and offline payment cards.

Positioning platforms as a more useful and functional tool than an ordinary electronic wallet. Bloomed can serve not only as a convenient payment tool, but also as a comprehensive assistant in everyday activities. By using this platform, wallet owners can fully manage personal finances: controlling the balance of all accounts, viewing history of operations, quickly and without unnecessary delay to pay for services / goods, make purchases without queuing up and profit from loyalty. partner organization system.

Provision of many additional non-financial services options. These are booking and booking tickets, insurance services, freight services from stores, etc. Users of bloom also have access to microlending for current needs.

The relevance of technology from the platform. The Bloomzed Wallet uses all the modern technology from the scope of mobile payments. These are NFC, USSD, QR, Bluetooth Smart, HCE.

Keep on improving the security of ongoing transactions. The information security of the Bloomzed project is provided by the following factors: all financial transactions on the Bloomzed platform are protected with modern data encryption technology; Electronic money can be cashed from partner agents (at bank counters, exchange offices, ATMs). You can also leave money on a Bloomzed account that has a deposit function (ie, accumulated interest for accumulation); all operations relating to withdrawals or authorizations are confirmed by a dynamic SMS password (up to the user's indicated phone number while registering) and biometric data (voice, fingerprint, facial biometric, retina);

Features bloom for individuals

What is a Token Generation Event «Bloomed Crypto Club»?
This event is a major generation and distribution of membership tokens among Bloomzed project participants and members of Bloomzed Crypto Club. During the main generation of tokens, project organizers carry out the generation and distribution of tokens among participants, committees, partners, project employees and members of the Bloomzed Crypto Club.

This is the name of the event for the main sale of the BZT membership token, which is required to participate in Bloomzed Crypto Club. Consists of two rounds:

the first round will start on 19 December 2017 at 12:00 UTC + 3, and continue until December 26, 2017, or when it reaches the 5,000 BZT Hard Drive, whichever is earlier;

the second round will start on January 17, 2018 at 12:00 UTC + 3, and continue until 17 February 2018, or when it reaches the 45 million BZT Hard Drive, whichever is earlier.

What is a «BZT» Token?
BZT or Bloomzed Token - is a token that serves as a "ticket" to a private club called Bloomed Crypto Club. After buying or receiving it, you can become a member of this club and enjoy all the relevant bonuses and benefits, which amount is determined by the number of BZT owned by the owner of a certain token.

You should take into consideration that BZT is not a monetary or other obligation of Bloomzed companies, its partners and / or its structural divisions. Membership tokens can not be cashed for cryptourrency, electronic money or money. Bloomzed Company did not make BZT buyback.

In fact, a membership token is a tool that defines membership in a private club and allows for relevant opportunities and privileges according to participation rules in Bloomzed Crypto Club. Payment for BZT is a membership fee to join the club and is non-refundable.

Participating in the TGE of Bloomed Crypto Club, users understand and fully accept that the purchase of BZT entitles to participate in this project as a member of the Bloomzed Crypto Club. The money donated to the BZT token is an entry fee, and therefore can not be refunded

BZT distribution is done through smart-contract ERC standard 20.

For more information :

Bitcointalk user name:Icaica22

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