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Thursday, February 1, 2018

BIOMETRIDS -Platform For Identification Using Facial Recognition By Mobile Devices

Hello everyone here I will explain a post about the latest project Biometrids that have a unique and good concept, and here's the discussion:

Biometrids is a platform for identification using face recognition by mobile devices. The Biometrids Platform lets people identify themselves with others using face recognition installed on their phones. Using a distributed ledger that does not change, everyone in the chain is unique. One face means one ID, and each ID is unique. If you are recorded in that chain once, you will never be able to manipulate that ID again or copy that ID. This will prevent identity theft and fraud, and will also ensure users are those they say.

Our platform will bring identity to a new dimension. Decentralized IDs will help people to be free, and make the world a more trusted place. A decentralized ID will keep you anonymous, but still guarantee you. What if someday you need to identify yourself, to use the internet? And people can give you a bad voice, if you cheat people? How will it change the internet in the future? There are many cases of use of Biometrids. Read more use cases on our whitepapers when launched between 15 and 20 Nov.

Facial recognition is quite complex. Here's a sneak peak how do we separate the face recognition system into 4 pieces to create a complete system.

We use machine learning to ensure face recognition. Although your appearance may change over time, the contours of your face will always remain the same. If companies or users need to identify you, they can submit a request for your Biometrids wallet. The request will appear on your screen and you can simply scan your face. This will validate your company or user identity. We are building a platform that can be implemented by other blockchain projects. This could be a wallet, a bank, a company, a real estate partner, and more. If wallet developers want to use this system, they just apply the API; After that, you can use your face to get into your wallet and you will be able to pay it directly. The day shop has applied a lot of wallets, so it's very easy to make payments. Just scan your face and receive the requested payment. And off you go. The same process will be used for public services. If you are stopped by the police, then simply scan your face and they can read your SIM on their device. The list of opportunities continues and continues.

We got a solution to address the Identity problem on blockchain. Today we face a common blockchain problem, with its identity. KYC, that they were forced by the government. Therefore we need a decentralized identity, which can help solve this problem.

PRE-ICO 25 nov. 5,000,000 coins available
ICO 16 des. 70,000,000 coins available
Token name is IDS. There will be a total of 100,000,000 IDS.
  • 5% will be sold in pre-ICO.
  • 5% for prizes and advisors.
  • 70% will be sold crowdsale.
  • 10% for the team.
  • 10% for foundation.
Pre-ICO will run for one week and the price is 910 IDS / 1eth. Crowdsale will run for four weeks and the price will be:
  1. Week 1: 665 IDS / 1eth
  2. Week 2: 550 IDS / 1eth
  3. Week 3: 500 IDS / 1eth
  4. Week 4: 450 IDS / 1eth
Pre-Ico and crowdsale will run until the end date, or until all the coins are sold. 10% for the team and 10% for the foundation will be locked up for three years. Any unsold coins during ICO will be locked for five years. After five years, they will be resold to the initial investor in a personal fundraising campaign. They will not be sold on the exchange.

For more information about boimetrids please visit our web site:

Bitcointalk user name :Icaica22

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