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Monday, February 26, 2018

ALTTEX - The Consortium That Unites the Decentralized Exchange

Alttex is a consortium that brings together decentralized exchanges, crypto messengers and Smart Safe. It was developed primarily for Android mobile platforms, iOS and Windows Mobile

Digital technology is growing day by day, improving our quality of life at the same time. As the information exchange process increases, the volume of emitted data increases. Technological advancements allow us to communicate, exchange information, make purchases, trade between countries and continents without having to leave our homes.

This change can not be ignored by the financial sector, where the main element is money. Historically, this important payment element has many changes. Initially, it was the exchange of natural products, then - coins, then - paper money. Now it's electronic or digital money.

In 2009, the first crypto currency appeared, Bitcoin. These are digital currencies encoded cryptographically, their costs totally dependent on market supply and demand. Cryptocurrency allows transactions to be made between users without intermediaries (banks, government, etc.). After the successful performance of Bitcoin, many other cryptoes appeared one after the other. Ethereum, Lisk, EOS, Wave, Civic, 0x, Ripple. Cryptocurrency wallet is used to store the funds. Airbitz, Armory, Bitgo, Blockchain, Coinbase, Greenaddress, Ledger, Jaxx, Mycelium, Samourai, Xapo and others. The exact number of active cryptocurrency users can not be determined. However, through the acquisition of statistical data through surveys and analyzes conducted by several companies. The results show that by 2013, the number of crypto wallets by 8.2 million, and in 2016-35 million. Thus, it shows that cryptocurrency has consolidated its place among sources of money and tends to develop further.

The platform is based on the following principles: security, ease and interface that can be understood, designed specifically for mobile devices, advanced technology and a strong team. This document covers the main dates of the development of the Alttex platform and the advantages, functions, possibilities, the team behind the project and its mission and objectives.

Our Mission and Purpose

Our team aims to create a universal integrated platform with a high level of reliability, satisfying the needs of users of cryptocurrency as much as possible.

Users will not spend precious time learning the interface and function as a simple and intuitive interface. In addition, the app is designed specifically for mobile devices, which makes it universal and can be used anywhere in the world and user comfort.

Our platform includes crypto exchange, crypto messenger and AltSafe. This function allows users to use different crypto for commission payments at least eciently. Our multicurrency wallet is capable of holding different cryptoes. Users will be able to share their savings and update their account information. There will also be an opportunity to dial out to any phone number, using AltMessenger. Users can also take their free time to enjoy leisure activities through our "Entrainment" segment in our app.

The basis of the Alttex platform lies in decentralization, which will make storage and use of cryptocurrencies secure.

By using our platform, users will have the opportunity to conduct various transactions with crypto without intermediaries and have to pay additional commissions.

All crypto exchange can be divided into two types: centralized and decentralized. Centralized exchange is an exchange where all data and information are stored in one place. The fact that this exchange, in contrast to major banks, has no chance to invest some money in enhancing security, causing such exchanges to often fall under hacker attacks, fraud from internal employees and price manipulation. These unlawful interventions are often successful.

Switch to legal dimension. For centralized exchange, in case of fraud, the site provider is fully responsible. On decentralized exchanges - directly to people who perform illegal activities. Therefore, decentralized exchanges are not attractive to fraud. In the case of detection with transactions contrary to law, legal entities have the right and opportunity to close centralized exchanges. As for decentralized exchanges, trade is peer-to-peer. To stop such trades, it is necessary to stop certain people's actions by withdrawing the software

Some modern decentralized crypto exchanges use the 0x protocol. The protocol comes in October 2016. Its founders are Will Warren and Amir Bandeali. Using the 0x protocol allows you to exchange tokens without centralization. When using protocol 0x, user registration is not required because it is not a software platform, it is a protocol. The middle section has no chance of being hacked or regulated by someone higher. 0x is a protocol that makes decentralizing the exchange easier. 0x provides a common tool and structure for people to create reliable decentralized exchanges.

The Alttex currency exchange is decentralized, therefore crypto and crypto signals are not stored in one place, which makes them safer and more reliable. In addition, the exchange of decentralized crypto-cards, Alttex, will allow you to make purchases and sales without intermediaries and without paying additional commissions.

The peculiarity of decentralized exchanges, Alttex, is the ability to add multiple crypto cards to the crypto wallet. The cards are connected to the wallet, which lets you use crypto on your account to make in-store purchases and even withdraw money from an ATM. In addition, you will be constantly aware of the amount in your account. If a transaction is unsuccessful, the refund will automatically change to cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate and return to the card. 14.

Platform structure

With the rapid development of the economy, the emergence of many innovative technologies and the development of new space, people have the opportunity to move from one place to another, work without leaving home, plan their business using the Internet. Thus, creating the need to maintain communication between people. Instead of old phones and letters sent slowly to recipients, people start using instant messengers quickly with a variety of easy-to-use functions, such as chats, channels, groups. People also take advantage of the opportunity to use messengers for promotional purposes. People who split thousands of miles have a chance to see each other, hear, express their emotions with emoji, stickers, give.

each other virtual gift, share photos and videos. For work purposes, people can use the convenient, video-conferencing functionality that can be displayed on the screen, creating information groups and channels that reduce meeting time or briefings and all employees are constantly updated with information. With thanks to the messenger, everyone can know the new changes in seconds. In some areas of activity, where information is changing rapidly and all employees should be notified immediately, this function is indispensable. You can also exchange documents, be notified of any received messages, read and whether recipients are on the network. There are additional functions that make life easier for the user, such as message forwarding, editing, and so on.

Today, there are many messengers that make a person's life easier and more comfortable. They compete between themselves and complement each other. Often, a person uses multiple instant messengers. This app has different ratings. Depending on the main criteria for statistics, change of rank.

There is an assessment by the prevalence of one above the other messengers in the world, about how many countries use the messenger and also the criterion is the number of people who use the messenger as a means of communication.

The messenger rating by the number of countries it uses

AltMessenger is a decentralized messenger, working on block chain technology. As such, it does not have a central server and is therefore completely unprotected. It not only performs communicative functions but also allows you to purchase items using crypto wallets, sell goods and receive crypto. Interface from

The application is maximally tailored to the user and is very simple and easy to understand to use, the user will not feel the discomfort of using it.

Another undeniable advantage of this crypto messenger is that it allows you to call anywhere in the world at a much cheaper rate than competitors. Call costs are deducted from the crypto balance, which is determined by the user. If someone calls you, you will receive Alttex.

cryptocurrency, which you can buy anything, for example, exchange on the stock exchange with money and send it to your card, buy an app or game, or just use it for calls to anywhere in the world.

Platform structure

Safe Safe AltSafe

The wallet for cryptocurrency provides an opportunity to have access to money in blockchain. In such a wallet you can store different cryptoes, redeem one currency into another currency, transfer money, control your balance. The existing crypto wallet has a number of flaws, such as support for only one particular cryptourency, which makes the use of the wallet uncomfortable.

There are also other disadvantages such as poor security procedures, which make huge cash losses for many different emergency crypto users this year.

If you take security as a base, all purses for digital money can be divided into 2 types: "cold" (o ine wallet) and "hot" (wallet online). The main difference between this wallet is that the "hot" wallet is permanently connected to the Internet, and the "cold" wallet is not connected. They are installed on separate computers or some other flash drives that are not connected to the network.

Currency storage on online wallets is software, and you can basically use hardware. One of the main features that users are interested in is security, as wallets are used to save money. The "Hot" wallet is often hacked, as many of them have simplified verification procedures. Risks can also be found in wallets where private keys and confirmation phrases are stored on their own servers. The "Cold" Wallet is the most reliable and secure, because it is not connected to the internet. Despite its advantages, the "cool" wallet is not as easy as a "hot" wallet.

For more information about alttex at this time, please visit some of our website:

Website :https://alttex.io/
Whitepaper :https://alttex.io/WhitePaper_Eng.pdf
Facebook :https://web.facebook.com/groups/alttex/about/
Twitter :https://twitter.com/alttex_io
Telegram :https://t.me/alttexEn

Bitcointalk user name :Icaica22

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