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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

ALMBANK - The Ethereal Based Cryptocurrency Platform Will Be The First Barterbackback From The Working Pool

Hello everyone here I will describe about almbank project, and here is the discussion:

ALMbank is a Ethereal based cryptocurrency platform that will be the first barterbackback of working pools; which focuses on startups, ICOs, charities and dream projects. We will be able to fund projects that can not be touched through the use of sweat equity, together with a meritocracy-based exposure system. You can think of it as a highend job market that will have a significant cultural impact on future business models.

We create a platform where people will be encouraged to do work to earn money and coins
coins, but mostly as a tool for real-world production, not merely a mere trading platform. This will create a sustained demand for the currency, which could ultimately occur backed by dollars / silver, up to thirty percent; thus creating stability / sustainability,a growth-oriented micro economy.

ALMbank pre-sale and sale sales will help fund platform development, it's marketing, and branding. ALMbank will be developed as a cutting-edge workforce platform, based on the intelligent contract protocol of the Ethereal platform. Utilizing this blockchain technology will provide a secure system for users to deposit and transfer funds within our network of platforms.



By 2016, the crypto-kardiak has a total market capitalization of 17.4 billion USD. By

the end of the first two quarters in 2017, the total market capitalization has increased rapidly

increased to over $ 100 Billion USD [1]. Obviously, the attraction of blockchain

technology is expanding rapidly. ALMbank exploits this new, very

sophisticated individual groups to create one of the most desirable in the world

labor pool As the crypto market continues to grow, so does the demand for cryptocurrency

developers as well as a meaningful way to utilize bitcoin, Ethereum, and more

Cryptococcus However, not all cryptocurrencies have a real tradevalue value

as you might expect; especially in terms of real world skilled manpower exchanges.

We will also provide the world's first direct accountability and accountability charity


This way people can post works of charity that need to be realized and others can upvote,

down vote, or apply to resolve the deed's own deeds. Charitableside

paid with a 50/50 share of the costs generated by the profit side of our platform.

Fifty percent reentered as reinvestment of charity; and another fifty percent is

used for normal business expenses such as salary, maintenance, and growth.


The rise in market caps led to investor interest from various small and large investors. All these investors flock to cryptocurrency similar to modern gold rush.

The appearance of altcoin, which is an alternative coin (other than bitcoin, like

Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, etc.), has been responsible for an estimated $ 57 billion

the dollar's increase in total market cap since Q4 2016, exponentially adds to the growth of crypto space.

The current keywords in business are bitcoin and blockchain. This growth can be seen

of the increase in users in bitcoin based companies such as blockchain.info [2] [3]

[4]. Furthermore, more and more users are willing to invest in blockchain

technology and crypto gait has led to a small, informal trade increase

groups and technology consortiums. Some of them are handled under pseudonyms

and not governed by the platform. None of this workforce is really organized outside

Reddit or regular forums, but more developers gathered in the second. There

is not an easy way for people to access the crypto labor market or labor area

without any serious excavation.

Rapid market price increases in line with the increasing realization of credibility
and the odds when it comes to blockchain technology has caused many people to enter the cryptocurrency market.

However, despite their best intentions, many of these projects have failed to produce

coins that are eligible for use or eligible for investment. After this initial "gold rush /

Honeymoon ", the developer may or may not participate with

promised goods and investors will be sold out, leaving the company sick

This growth is equivalent to the overall market built on the slash

and-fuel farming techniques, which use all the available resources, leave the desolate soil when there is nothing left to loot.


This is where we will go in to rediscover the system so we can talk. We will not just be

meet the needs of people to spend cryptocurrency in a purposeful and constructive way

through our ICO platform, but we will also create requests for the charity work

will be funded through our platform as well. Without this model, people will get stuck

using inefficient forums, message boards, and recruitment websites that are hard to find

quality talent None of these older models conform to decentralized and low regulations

vibration of cryptocurrency and therefore required major improvements. Currently at most

Employee market platforms charge enormous fees for companies and

employees who use this Cost platform can range from hundreds of dollars a month

up to thousands of dollars per month, depending on the size of the company. Not only

will they give a dubious investment return after the costs are considered, but

many of them locking in money for weeks; killing any timeline being pushed

productivity or management of resources on the business side. This can result in the lowest

the common denominator system forces itself to take flight. Everyone is looking for the best

rates, but they have no real way to pay people right away to get to work. This

resulting in bad squabbles and inefficient hubs due to the large number of worker floods

into this booming online economy.

There are plenty of solid and amazing ICO startup platforms, but none

those operating on labor-backed currencies to create sustainable demand

and encourage efficient barter work systems. The rest of the startup platform will be

only supported by company-specific tokens, which will not be traded widely, creating a

glass ceiling of sorts. Our model will help provide a valuable return for dollars

this is only a 200 billion dollar market in the form of crypto-only work and directly

accountable, charity service requests.

For more information :

BitCointalk username: Icaica22

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