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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

AURA - Book of Cryptococcal Applications and Common Purposes Based on Ethereum

Hello everyone here I will describe the aura project, and here's the discussion:

What is Aura?
Aura is a book of cryptococcal and general-purpose applications based on ethereum. Developers can deploy smart contracts and decentralized apps (dApps) to the Aura block. The small letter 'aura' refers to the cryptocurrency unit on a platform that can be transferred between wallets, used to pay transaction costs and profits for smart contracts.

What is the total number of auras?
Only 12,000,000 aura will ever be created. Aura will use Proof-of-Work mining for about 2 years (3,800,000 blocks) and then move on to the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. Mining emissions levels are 3 auras per block, with 15 second blocks. This produces 11.4 million auras printed through mining. 600,000 others are allocated in the genesis block to the premise address 0x47Ead7D1AA40674634de5b2AF86b93C48AdfF55b. Premine will primarily be used to incentivize to YouStock platform users once they run it, run gifts, reward early adopters, and to support long-term project success.

What is youstock
Youstock is a platform under construction in Aura that enables one to create a self-represented digital asset and trade with others on a new decentralized exchange.

Is Aura different from Ethereal?
Yes. Aura is a new blockchain, separate from the ethereum mainnet. However, it uses the same protocol and open source technology.

Why create a new ethereum blockade instead of using ethereum mainnet?
Primnet ethereum is rapidly becoming overcrowded and overcrowded as more companies build their projects on it. This causes transaction costs to soar and increase the number of failed transactions because everyone competes to get the transaction included in the main chain. By creating new blockchain, we do not have to compete with many other projects for blockchain space, and can keep transaction costs low and cost-effective.

Transact with anyone in the world
Always online
Strong cryptography keeps your funds safe.
Hurry up
The transaction is confirmed in seconds
Low cost
Platforms are free to use, and deals are practically free
Proven technology
Built with cutting-edge blockchain technology

64-bit: aura-windows-4.0-amd64_1.7.3.zip
32-bit: aura-windows-4.0-386_1.7.3.zip
64-bit: aura-darwin-10.6-amd64_1.7.3.tar.gz
64-bit: aura-linux-arm64_1.7.3.tar.gz
Other: release
github: source

all downloads



http://aura.mole-pool.net (Russia)


For more information on current aura projects, please follow some of our websites:

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KROWNETWORK - The Global Work Platform Who Wants to Redesign the Job Market


Krow Network
16 Feb

Meet Platforms That Will Change the Global Labor Market
In today's labor market, billions ...
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Krow Network
12 Februari
Bi-Weekly Report - Staff Change, ICO, and more!

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Krow Network
29 Jan
Krow Network Official Press Release 2018-100% BONUS, NEW ICO, ERC20 TOKEN, For Sale Now!
Press Release Krow, networkkrow@gmail.com
New Way to Work
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Krow Network
16 Januari
Week in Review: Jan 9 - Jan 15
Hello again Krow Community! Welcome back to the second installment of the week under review for Krow Network. If you are new to this page, we will provide weekly updates for all progress and news related to Krow as we grow as a company. Let's get into the ...

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Krow Network
9 Jan

Week in Review: Jan 1 - Jan 8
Hello to our Krow community! As we grow, we decided that one of the best ways to give the audience an informative understanding of Krow is to provide a weekly article about what our network has accomplished or is currently working from the previous week. From…

For more information :

Website :https://www.krow.network/
Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/KrowNetwork/
Twitter :https://twitter.com/krownetwork
Telegram :https://www.t.me/thekrownetwork

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

KROW NETWORK - Creating Complete Transparency Between Employers and Employees

Hello every friend, in this new post I will describe about krownetwork project, and here is the discussion:

New Way to Work
Krow Network aims to redesign the workings of the current job market. By saving all the interactions taking place on our platforms to their own unique ledger, we are looking to create complete transparency between employers and employees, so that each party can see their rankings and any previous interactions they've ever made. There will no longer be a missing piece of individual or corporate resumes, and all the interactions (including the bad ones) will all be saved to the intelligent resume of the individual / company and the value left by the other party allowing complete transparency between the company and the potential employee. After registering on our platform, each individual or company receives their own unique smart resume as well as the Krow security number that binds the individual only to that account, and prevents cheating as the number will be used for all verification on the site. By using double verification, we may only allow 1 smart resume to any individual and up to 5 for each individual who started the company on the platform. This prevents spam accounts from finding themselves on the platform, as it will make them themselves staining.

Platform Overview
The work platform will feature three key subsections, where individuals and companies can participate in online jobs, internships, and full-time jobs. In an online job, companies from every world will be able to register any pure online task that needs to be done within a certain period of time. As soon as an online job is listed, various individuals will be able to send their smart resume directly to these companies at the same time as they want (negotiations are clearly available). Internships are tasks completed by inexperienced individuals, in which individuals complete tasks for free / cheap. To gain experience with new platforms and industries, individuals will be able to work in their respective fields to build their smart resumes. Internships are accepted for students and individuals who may wish to change the field in which they work. A full time job would be for a job that provides salary at intervals of time (weekly, biweekly, etc.) for work under a defined company. The full-time section is for any job, as long as both parties have accounts on the platform, allowing any labor interaction to be recorded. Never again write checks, we automate the entire process.

Krow Paycheck
The interaction krow will be entered purely from the salary (both parties will receive a paycheck, but only the value of the employee that will contain the value) in which each interaction will also rank on a scale of 0.00 - 10.00. This rating will be reflected on the user's intelligent resume, with identity. Paychecks will be sent only after one of the online tasks is completed, or when the paycheck is automatic. In terms of internship profile, pay slips still exist. Both parties receive the salary, only after both parties verify their satisfaction through double verification. In double verification, both parties will leave the rankings based on the particular skill advertised or the expectations. This rating along with the grand rating will go into a smart resume.

Smart Resume
When signing up for the platform, each individual will be given their own unique Krow security number as well as their own intelligent resume. This resume will track all incoming and outgoing pay based on individual interactions with the company. Each individual will be able to create their own company, but to prevent spam making the company's resume will be limited. Once users are on the platform, they can send their smart resume to the company as an app for a job. Companies will be able to sort through the various intelligent resumes and find the right match for their work. After the task is completed or the time interval is completed, the paycheck will be processed through double verification. After both individuals verify their satisfaction with the interaction and leave their judgment on the opposing side '

The next stage of our token sales is live March 20! Over the next few months we will offer a total of 7,000,000,000 KRW tokens to fund our project. Along with the sale, we offer up to 100% bonus to our pioneering investors in our Pre-ICO phase, and this bonus will be adjusted according to the ICO phase. Sales will start with 100% bonus token offer up to 100 ETH, then 30% bonus tokens will occur until 3000 ETH is fulfilled (Soft Cap), 25% bonus on token will take over to 7,000 ETH fulfilled, and finally 10% to 10,000 ETH fulfilled (Hard Cap). If our soft cover is met, our token sales will be considered successful and we will have sufficient funds for our project.

Is this?
Please understand that this is a crowdfund effort. We created ICO to fund our platform creation. Our platform aims to redesign the labor market through smart resumes that hold individual interactions on their own ledger. For more information please see our source. With that word, please understand that this is a very volatile technology and please understand our project. Currently, there is a minimum of 0.1 ETH to get KRW. With the current bonus, the rate is;
  • 1 ETH = 800,000 KRW
  • Next Phase Level: 30% Off
  • Terms and Conditions
  • White paper
Krow Network intends to be the first integrated blockchain platform that stores and records interactions that occur in the workforce. Whether it's an individual task, a biweekly salary, or just a strange job, you can develop a smart resume and your credibility on a platform driven by our token. Every interaction performed (or salary given) between employers or employees, is assigned individual assessments and placed on individual intelligent resumes. By saving any work that involves an individual or company, complete transparency between the parties occurs, with the Krow token triggering a safe and secure interaction. Throughout that time, they will be able to build and strengthen their intelligent resumes, and build their way in the world of work through the power that can be seen in their previous work.

Krow Network Team

Milad Mirg
Founder & CEO

Mitchell Lanzl
Head of Technology Operations

Vivek Sreenivasan
Lead Developer

michael centrella
chief strategy officer

Omar Olabi
Head of Communications

For more detailed information on the current krownetwork smart contract, please visit our website:

BitCointalk username: Icaica22

PRIORITYEX - Providing Opportunities For Cryptocurrency Opportunities And Profit Sharing For Traders And Investors

Greetings community,

The first Cryptocurrency exchange prioritizes customer first approach Make trading cryptococcus, productive, save and spend comfortably for everyone.Focuses on Southeast Asian markets and emerging markets.

PriorityEx provides trading opportunities for kriptocurrency and profit sharing opportunities for traders and investors. Aims to be an onesop service that solves existing cryptocurrency exchange problems.

PriorityEx put customer needs first, before anything else. For a long time, the exchange focused only on their daily turnover regardless of the quality of customer service. PriorityEx seeks to change this by introducing the first features of customers that differentiate it from other industries.

To maximize the benefits of merchants and invetors, we provide discounts, affiliate functionality, earning passive income from holding PYX tokens, easy deposit and pull into fiat, good customer service for support cards and debit for multi wallets will be provided.

Furthermore, PriorityEx focuses on emerging markets to provide services to local residents, with a financial center that will provide education, support and local services.

Quick Match
Quick Placements, Order Matching, Order Release & Changes to existing orders ensure the fastest transactions.

Universal Support
PriorityEx will get support in 15 languages again, to cover most of the global population.

Fiat Currency Support
The most deposit and withdrawal support will be in PriorityEx.

Multi-Cryptocurrency Storage
With a single wallet, One can store and exchange cryptocurrency quickly and easily without the heavy cost and waiting time.

High security
95% of all cryptocurrencies will be stored in cold storage that is distributed to different geo locations for maximum security.

P2P Exchange
For those who do not like to trade or do not know how to trade properly, they can choose to use P2P exchanges to simplify things and easily exchange crypto information with fiat.

ICO's main objective is to raise funds to further develop the platform and market the platform. Unlike most ICOs where there is no unique proposition. PriorityEx offers a tailor-made platform to address cryptocurrency fans in Emerging Markets.

PriorityEx ICO is an opportunity for investors to contribute to platform development while making handsome profits. we are a ssuing token called PriorityEx (PYX) which will be the ERC20 compliant token for the Ethereal blockchain.

Our investors who take part in the ICO will get up to 200% off according to the launch date.
(PRA-ICO commences from 1 January 2018 to 31 January 2018 and ICO commences from 1 February 2018 to 31 March 2018)

A total of 24,000,000 PYX will be available with a limited investor at a maximum value of 5BTC. This is to ensure that thousands of investors who have shown interest in the platform can get a chance to invest.

  • Pre-ICO Stage runs from 1 January 2018 to 31 January, 2018.
  • 700,000 PYX
  • 1 PYX for $ 0.5
  • Bonus 200% 900.000 PYX
  • 1 PYX for $ 0.6
  • Bonus 150%
  • 1,100,000 PYX
  • 1 PYX for $ 0.7
  • Bonus 100% 1,300,000 PYX
  • 1 PYX for $ 0.8
  • Bonus 80%
  • The ICO phase runs from February 1, 2018 to March 31, 2018.
  • 2,000,000 PYX
  • 1 PYX for $ 1.1
  • Bonus 40%
  • 3,000,000 PYX
  • 1 PYX for $ 1.2
  • Bonus 25% 4,000,000 PYX
  • 1 PYX for $ 1.3
  • Bonus 15%
  • 5.000.000 PYX
  • 1 PYX for $ 1.4
  • Bonus 10% 6,000,000 PYX
  • 1 PYX for $ 1.5
  • 0% Bonus
Every trade is complete, traders will get a discount for collection as a reward. Merchants may choose to reduce costs or expenses for large prizes for example. giftcards, holidays, and more

If you refer anyone to trade with PriorityEx you will earn an affiliate commission for 2 levels as long as your referrals are trading, which will be 20% and 10% of commissions earned by PYX

PYX Token holder
Each PYX holder is entitled to 25% of net transaction revenue. This will be automatically paid to the PYX holders in the amount based on the number of shareholders of the total amount to be paid monthly so that the holder of our token can earn a passive income

PYX token destroyed
20% of net transaction revenue will be used to burn PYX tokens from the market at quarterly market prices to ensure that the PYX token price will continue to increase in value.

One of the most important milestones is daily trading volume of 100 Million USD in 12 months since its launch.

For more information on current priorityex project, please visit some of our websites:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

TUBI - First First Non-Centralized Photo / Video Social Platform

Hello everyone on this blog I will introduce a post about tubi, the latest project that has a good concept and very interesting to see, for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

What is TUBI?
TUBI allows users to publish photos and videos, and their content will be protected by encryption techniques, while copyright will be managed and managed.
The platform will have an advertising system without hurting the user experience. Platforms will not receive commissions from advertising revenue, users may be compensated for ad revenue shared by their content delivery.

The purpose of TUBI is to provide user benefits and content ownership protection.

Core features
1.Contact high quality content
High quality, engaging content that benefits from copyright protection & shared advertising revenue, the Ethereum Smart Contract can help with photo ownership without involving a time-saving agent for both parties.

2.Value continues to increase
Users can send TUBI to other users.
Blockchain will record it when users get a gift from every likes and share content.

TUBI coin is the first non-centralized photo / video social platform. Our crypto currency is called TUBI. We are a blockchain technology platform for photo publishing, sharing and trading.

We ensure to benefit each user by enabling the sharing of photos and videos & selling creative content in a secure web environment. Users can benefit from advertising revenue.

Market analysis and background recognition

By the end of 2017, there will be 590 million people visiting Instagram each month.
It is projected for Instagram to reach 930 million users by 2021.
Instagram global advertising revenue will increase from 2017 to $ 4.1 billion USD to $ 10.87 billion USD in 2019.

The issue of social media platform today
However, in recent years, due to privacy violations, the content is used by the platform for free, a crisis of trust is on social networks, and many people even choose to reduce the use of social media.

Users do not know who will use the data, the data is visited without permission.

Copyright, trademarks, are another more vulnerable form of IP.
The copyright photo market could reach 4 billion USD by 2020.

Platforms are at risk for data mining, security threats, and theft of sensitive data.

Content creators lack the incentive to create high-quality content.

Google & Facebook take 73% of all advertising revenue, with web traffic contributed by content from users.

legal issues and risk statements

Legal Structure
TUBI will have a BVI company overseas, called TUBI fund. TUBI Fund is an independent legal entity responsible for developing and promoting, operating and legally responsible.

TUBI will not give ICO in certain countries.
TUBI is not a tool of securities or investment, it is a practical crypto and digital currency.
The TUBI platform may not be able to offer services in certain countries in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Risk statement
The TUBI Fund will not make any claim or statement, anyone involved in the swap plan will be based on their personal knowledge of TUBI, the legislation and information of this whitepaper. Under the above content conditions, participants receive all forms, parameters and technical parameters. TUBI function.

TUBI FUNDS will not recognize and refuse to be responsible for the following obligations:
(1) Anyone who violates anti-laundry or anti-terrorism money or other regulatory requirements when undertaking a TUBI swap plan;
(2) Anyone who can not withdraw TUBI for violating other white manufacturers' demands, obligations, promises or other requirements after they purchase TUBI;
(3) The Swap Plan is canceled for any reason;
(4) TUBI default settlement or unable to use TUBI for IT failure or surrender;
(5) Delays or delays in the development of TUBI's public network;
(6) Errors, failures, deficiencies or other TUBI problems;
(7) TUBI's collapse, decline, and split;
(8) TUBI can not be aware of certain special features or does not apply to special uses;
(9) Use of funds for TUBI swap plan;
(10) Releasing information on TUBI development, whether incomplete or not timely;
(11) Leakage, loss and damage of personal keys of TUBI wallet;
(12) Violation, violation, collapse, accident, termination of service or dismissal, fraud, misconduct, bankruptcy, liquidation, dissolution of third party distributors;
(13) Any content that is governed by a third distributor platform that has a difference, is contrary to the contents of this white paper;
(14) Whoever trades and speculates TUBI;
(15) TUBI IPO, trade suspension, or delisting from any platform;
(16) Any associated risks or risks of this whitepaper, and any damages, claims of damages, liabilities, penalties, other costs, or negative effects caused by risks;
(17) The risks or risks associated with this whitepaper, and any damages, claims of damages, liabilities, penalties, other costs, or negative effects caused by such risks.

For more research on current social media, please follow some of our websites:

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

FARMATRUST - The Most Efficient Global Tracking System Which Provides Security to Pharmaceutical Companies

Hello everyone here I will explain about the pharmatrust project, and here are the reviews:

What is FarmaTrust?

About FarmaTrust
FarmaTrust is the most efficient global tracking system that provides security to pharmaceutical companies, governments, regulators and the general public, that counterfeit drugs are not included in the supply chain. Our Blockchain-based system uses Artificial Intelligence and large data analysis to provide the pharmaceutical industry with value-added services that enable more efficient processes and methods and a more transparent supply chain. Our system is safe, secure, encrypted and unchanged.

System Neutral
An efficient system that works with old hardware and software.

Proof of the future
A system of future scalability with cutting-edge technology.

Strong platforms around the world cover the whole world.

Worldwide Compliance
Systems that conform to different international regulatory regulations.

Systems that provide corporate and public data security

FarmaTrust has created a platform that removes counterfeit drugs, creates efficiency in the pharmaceutical industry, and allows the purchase of native drugs wherever and online. Built in blockchain, our system makes use of artificial intelligence and great data analysis. For a more detailed analysis read our white paper.

Identify the problem of counterfeit drugs
Examining the pharmaceutical market
Deep research on this issue
The second quarter ended
Research on blockchain
How does it work
Find the available platforms
Identify the best platform
End of quarter 3
Looking for a blockchain engineer
Project details
Code of research
The fourth quarter ended
Developed the first version
The full stack developer is installed
Define architecture and design
The first quarter ended
Work prototypes are available
Give a prototype demonstration
Inclusion of AI and machine learning
The second quarter ended
Expand the FarmaTrust management team
Explore financing options
Team structure changed
New IT members are recruited
End of quarter 3
Advisors are sought and appointed
First draft of whitepaper
Extended product definition
Show MVP to interested parties
The fourth quarter ended
Personal pre-sale
The first quarter ended
Expand current blockchain MVP
Complete testing for scale and speed
Expansion of product description
Show MVP to interested parties
Event Distribution Token
Create a web app
The second quarter ended
Implement Marketing Strategies and Ops
Create a regulatory reporting module
Build AI and Analytics Services
Alpha and Beta Testing
Mobile apps and mobile apps
End of quarter 3
Upgrade the API tracker package
Develop API layers and documentation
Development of microservices takes place
Develop a business event machine
Extend deep machine learning
Publish to App Store and Google Play
The fourth quarter ended
Continue Building an API ecosystem
Build an abstraction layer and connectors for some blockchains
Develop interoperability standards and protocols for dynamic data exchange
Additional mobile apps for Port of entry
Utilizing artificial data / intelligence
The first quarter ended
Apply client mobile applications to end consumers, pharmacies and customs
The second quarter ended
The release of Zoi's production

To find relevant details about current pharmaceutical trust projects, please follow some resources for the following References:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

FROSHFEEL - Providing Peer-To-Peer Student Platform

Hello everyone here I will describe about proshfeel project, and here is the discussion:

froshfeel provides a decentralized peer-to-peer student platform where students, businesses, professionals, institutions and educators can interact with each other at the educational level in the social environment. By introducing blockchain technology, froshfeel announces that it is a decentralized currency - fro. froshfeel allows students to pay partners, institutions, educators and businesses such as student accommodation, textbooks, student flights, concert tickets, restaurants, clothing and more categories directly through their mobile phones with froins anywhere in the world.


With the current crypto revolution, froshfeel introduces its own cryptocurrency called froins that can be used directly on the froshfeel platform to purchase digital goods, physical goods and services from various business partners. Token froins are standard ERC-20 standard etiquette barrier.

where can it be used to freeze?
  • Industri mobil
  • Student accommodation
  • Technology and Electronics
  • Food and groceries
  • Insurance
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Entertainment
  • Internet service provider
  • Bookstore
  • E-Books
  • Restaurant
  • Comfort
  • Travel
  • Furniture and Retail
  • Clothes
  • Event and concert tickets
  • Service guidance
  • Public transport
  • Club and Bar
  • Hotel
  • Fuel station
  • Medical assistance
  • Utility bill
  • School and college fees
  • Housing
  • Advertising
  • ... and much more!
  1. ICO Website:
  2. ICO Start Date:
  3. ICO End Date:
  4. Price per coin:
  5. Coin exchange rate:
  6. Minimum purchase amount:
  7. Accepted form of payment:
  • April 1 (00:00 GMT)
  • April 30 (11:59 GMT)
  • 1 USD = 1 FROIN
  • 1 ETH = 1000 FROINS
  • 0.1 ETH / 0.01 BTC
  • ETH / BTC
Round of ICO
round 1
price / froin:
$ 0.70
30% off
round 2
price / froin:
$ 0.80
20% off
round 3
price / froin:
$ 0.90
discount 10
round 4
price / froin:
$ 1.00

Distribution of Coins

gifts / partners / advisors
6% allocated
15.000 000 (fifteen million / 6%) ice is dedicated to be distributed to early investors and advisors as well as rewards programs. Bounty delivery program for ICO can be found here.

10% allocated
25,000 (twenty five million / 10%) ice will be stored in the reserve fund. The main purpose of the reserve fund is to provide incentives to new users to follow the froshfeel platform.
10% allocated
25.000 000 (twenty five million / 10%) frost will be frozen for 1 year and then can be released to the founders of froshfeel.

74% allocated
185,000 (one hundred eighty five million / 74%) ice will be available to the public. It will be available during pre-ICO and ICO. These include froins provided as bonuses during ICO. Any ice that is not sold during this period will not be generated (burned).

Q1 - Q4 2016
Research and development in the student market - Global analysis.
Q1 - Q2 2017
The initial research is completed and the concept is complete. Development of detailed user interface for web and mobile apps.
Q3 - Q4 2017
Receive the requested interest from many renowned educational institutions. Businesses in essential stocks confirm interest in froshfeel and froins.
Q1 2018
Froshfeel for public announcement of ICO and White Paper.
Q2 2018
Development of internal infrastructure of froshfeel platform. Begin a list of froins on the main exchange.
Q3 2018
Development of client-based applications.
Q4 2018
Preperation for launch - Marketing campaign.
Q1 2019
Launch froshfeel platform to public
Q2 2019
Geographic expansion

froshfeel is the first decentralized peer-to-peer student platform where students, businesses, institutions and educators can interact with each other at the educational level in the social environment, providing many benefits to each type of user.

There is no limit, ICO participants can buy as much ice as they want.

The minimum amount of lane to be purchased is equivalent to 0.1 ETH (if purchased at Ethereal) and 0.01 BTC (if purchased at Bitcoin).

PreICO will start on Thursday, March 1, 2018 and close on Tuesday, March 20, 2018. The ICO will start on Sunday, April 1, 2018 and close on Monday, April 30, 2018.

Yes! The earlier you buy, the bigger the discount.

The distribution on froins will begin on Tuesday, May 15, 2018. The ice holders will be notified after the funds are released.

Esinan will be listed on several major exchanges after ICO is completed. We will inform the public about every exchange we list. As soon as froins are available on the exchange, FROIN holders can sell their frost as they wish.

Yes, froshfeel has a Bounty Program and a referral bonus. Please read our Bounty Program to find out more.

If you incorporate the perspective of the available frost amount (250,000,000) compared to the number of students worldwide (estimated at 1.2 billion), you will realize that the value of the coin will definitely be appreciated. We provide platforms where students with educators, institutions and businesses need this froin every day to use on many of the features in our platform.

For further research:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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