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Friday, January 26, 2018

REVIZOR COIN - Creation Of Online Exchange System

Hallo all here I will give a little review about the latest Revizor project coin that has a unique and good concept, for more details let us see the discussion as follows:

Revizor is an innovative project in the field of crypto currency market regulation, whose main task is to create software that filters various assets by absorbing unpromising tokens. The advantage of RevizorCoin is that to date there are no similar projects in blockchain. About a thousand different coins as a result of the introduction of the Revizor will be absorbed, making it possible to block system cleanup. RevizorCoin is the only coin that does not require mining, because the owners will continue to increase their capital in the development of certain arithmetic after every absorption of illiquid coins.

Revizor is the first crypto derivative. Absorbed assets will be considered public on our channel and on social networks. Among other interesting projects, but due to lack and lack of advertising, these projects do not get the capitalization and value lost. After the acquisition of the coin, the auction is held by us to auction off crypto derivatives from illiquid tokens, which will appeal to individual companies to complete the project and relaunch it in better form.

The principle of Revizor is the creation of various tools that enable the filtering of exchange currents from unrecognized and unintentional crypto assets. It envisages the creation of an online RevizoR online exchange system of illiquid crypto assets in RevizorCoin. Exchange will be done automatically. For each category of coins will form a path that is beneficial to everyone. The level of liquidity of a particular crypto asset is ultimately determined by the market itself.

The Revizor team is making its own television channel
Revizor Coin TV will expand the crypto-currency information room in the field of television. Among the fundamental rules of its existence can be referred to as follows:
  1. The information stream on RevizorCoin TV will be based entirely to clarify new technologies for fixing blockchains, doing new ICOs, polling, etc.
  2. The TV will be broadcast in three bands all the time in various broadcast formats. Thus, we can reach the maximum number of viewers.
  3. In addition, online broadcast via the Revizor website is being prepared.
Development plan Coin issue rule 'Total issued 800 million RevizorCoin:
  1. 30% coins will be distributed under ICO stage conditions for illiquid coin exchange: buy 1 RR in stock exchange, a bag is opened with the possibility to exchange illiquid tokens to this bag.
  2. 70% of coins are reserved for exchange of illiquid crypto assets on RevizorCoin
This project is required in connection with the daily receipt of this currency.
The situation described above is hypothetical. The purpose of this example is to show the ultimate scenario.

Consumer Advantage
Development plans Coin rule issues The main advantage of the Revizor project for both traders and other private investors is that clearing the crypto-currency market will systematically fill it with promising assets from the point of view of its implementation.

For more research on Revizor coin please visit our web site:

Website :https://revizor-coin.io/
Whitepaper :https://revizor-coin.io/WHITE_PAPER_ENG.pdf
Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/RevizoRcoin
Twitter :https://twitter.com/RevizorCoin
Telegram :https://t.me/revizorcoin
Username Bct: Icaica22

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